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Home Tour: A super-chic monochromatic house made for entertaining

Design studio Minimo fulfils a husband’s heartfelt wish by transforming his wife’s childhood home into a stylish haven.

Home Tour: A super-chic monochromatic house made for entertaining

The heavy veins of the feature wall are the focal point of the living room. (Photo: Minimo)

A husband’s desire to realise the most memorable abode for his wife’s birthday led him back in time to her childhood home, a semi-detached dwelling in the Braddell district. The owner wanted a bespoke home to match the couple’s entertaining habits, such that they would be able to host frequent house parties.

Having enlisted the services of local studio Minimo, this ambitious project thus began, with the goal of overhauling an ageing residence into a stylish contemporary dwelling. “The original layout was very restricted and more like a cookie-cutter space,” shared Elden Lim, creative director of Minimo. “They wanted to have a very open space for parties and gatherings.”

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A dark rug and a pair of Poltrona Frau armchairs anchor the living room. (Photo: Minimo)

On the first level, the home is organised as a collection of living spaces, consisting of a foyer, an al fresco dining area, a living room, a gym, a dining room and a kitchen.

“It was quite a challenge to open up the spaces and link them up seamlessly with different functions,” explained Lim, who led the design process on this project. “Therefore, we used different types of flooring to demarcate each space.”

The stainless steel cabinets complement the seamless look of the kitchen. (Photo: Minimo)

While the spaces are not separated by actual walls, the designers play up the large grey columns, heavy rugs and dark-toned materials to visually anchor each area.

Additionally, floor-to-ceiling windows simultaneously offer privacy and openness when needed. These windows line the foyer, conferring the home a sense of expansiveness and creating a seamless flow between the al fresco dining and living spaces.

Emerald chairs and gold pendant lights create visual interest in the dining area. (Photo: Minimo)

At the heart of this home’s interior concept is a monochromatic palette that prominently unifies the two levels; made even more impressive as skylights and open windows drench the home in abundant light.

On one end, a striking marble-like wall anchors the living room – a stunning feature that is echoed in the foyer and on the second level to create a memorable entrance. 

The floating steps bring a sense of lightness to the space. (Photo: Minimo)

At the other end, custom-made blackened steel frames mark the entrance to the kitchen. Wooden strip doors are used to hide various functions, including a wine fridge right beside the dry pantry. The kitchen cabinets are also fitted with stainless steel to create a seamless look with the appliances.

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Against the monochromatic backdrop, the design firm has orchestrated a series of dramatic flourishes; these include elements such as the floating staircase as well as splashes of colour introduced through the oversized artworks and accent pieces such as the emerald velvet dining chairs and a red side table.

The TV feature wall separates the entryway from the living area. (Photo: Minimo)

A full-height TV feature wall with dual columns punctuates the living room. While one of the columns is part of the original structure of the house, the interior designer decided to add another column to create the illusion of a floating feature wall. “The bottom part of the feature wall is opened up, hence it visually extends the sense of space,” explained Lim.

Despite the challenges from a tight deadline and working with an existing, aged structure, the final effect is a stunning contemporary home and a memorable gift. Lim said, “The whole process was definitely enjoyable, especially when you see your design on paper become reality.” 

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