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Actress-entrepreneur Cheryl Wee on staying trim – in a healthy and sustainable way

The mother of two shares why detox sessions are a must-have for her to maintain a healthy weight, toned figure and radiant skin. Brought to you by Jean Yip Group

Actress-entrepreneur Cheryl Wee on staying trim – in a healthy and sustainable way

Cheryl Wee is an advocate of exercise and keeping fit. Photos: Jean Yip Group

Even after two pregnancies, looking good and maintaining a svelte figure remain all in a day’s work for actress-entrepreneur Cheryl Wee, ambassador of homegrown beauty chain Jean Yip.

Cheryl, who delivered her second child in September, believes that weight loss and maintenance are not about “the numbers on the scale”. Rather, it is about making healthy changes to one’s lifestyle and mindset.

Having struggled with her own body image issues in the past, Cheryl founded Cheryl W Wellness and Weight Management to help others in their weight loss journey.

“Being obsessed with my weight and stepping on the weighing scale without getting in touch with how my body felt was a huge mistake for me,” she said. “Now, I will first ask myself these questions: How do I feel? Can this (weight loss) routine see me through the months?”

Cheryl is a firm believer that the body requires cleansing from time to time to ensure that toxins, excess fat, fluid build-up and other nasties are “flushed out” to optimise healing, rejuvenation and weight loss.

Here, Cheryl shares more on how she maintains a trim figure – in a healthy and sustainable way – while juggling work and motherhood.

What are your secrets to maintaining a svelte figure even after two pregnancies?

It’s a spectrum of factors, and it starts from maintaining good health pre-pregnancy.

During pregnancy, I swam two to three times a week and took walks regularly. Working during my pregnancy definitely kept me on the go. After giving birth, I focused on recuperating, eating the right food and herbs, and getting plenty of rest.

During the first two postpartum months, weight loss wasn’t my main goal. Recuperation and feeding my baby, Emma, were my priorities.

It is important for mothers to rest well and recover after childbirth so that our bodies can shed excess weight more efficiently and healthily.

What are the signs that the body has a build-up of toxins?

Stubborn fat, tiredness, lethargy, dull skin, body acne, dark patches on certain areas of the body and joints, and bloating are signs of toxin build-up. People who look slim may have toxin build-up, too!

Isn’t the body naturally equipped to detox?

Our body is amazing and can detox itself. Sweating is one way the body detoxifies. Sure, we can exercise but there are days when we are too tired to head to the gym.

Finding a relaxing way to sweat it out is a great way to get your circulation going. At Cheryl W Wellness and Weight Management, our Signature Royal Flush Body treatment helps to accelerate your body’s natural way of detoxification in a relaxing manner.

The treatment uses a customised blend of essential oils and Dead Sea salt, and is paired with a lymphatic drainage point massage and thermal heat blanket to get rid of water retention and toxins. Together with our custom blend of food-grade ingredients used in the treatment, everything comes together to help your body relax and detox. Each treatment session lasts about 90 minutes. 

For those beginning their weight loss journey, we recommend that you undergo the treatment once or twice a week, after which maintenance can be done once every three to four weeks.

Cheryl W Wellness and Weight Management aims to help others in their weight loss journey.

How soon do you usually see results after undergoing the Signature Royal Body Flush Treatment?

You may see a drop in water weight after one session. But at Cheryl W, the numbers on the scale are not everything.

While most of the weight lost is water, I feel that my muscles seem to loosen up after the treatment, especially if I’ve been working out a bit. The treatment is especially effective after an overseas trip, post-period, post-workout or when I feel bloated and stiff. I love that it seems to reboot my engine from inside out, and makes me feel so much more refreshed. My skin looks smoother and brighter.

That said, I am an advocate of exercise and keeping fit. I sweat it out regularly at gym sessions or on the spinner. I believe both exercise and the treatment are important and complement each other.

Any other tips for people who have trouble losing weight and keeping it off?

Firstly, it’s important to get professional advice. Do you really need to lose weight or do you need to tone and sculpt? You won’t see numbers on the scale dropping if you need toning and sculpting. Instead, you may lose inches.

For those who need to shed some weight, I feel that losing weight isn’t the biggest problem; maintaining it is. It’s easy to hop onto fad diets, exercise compulsively and starve yourself, only for the weight to rebound soon after.

Hence, kickstarting your weight loss journey with professional help is important, so is having a buddy to keep you motivated. Thereafter, it’s really a lot of self-discipline to maintain your weight.

Focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle that suits you, gradually change your habits and stick with them. Don’t go for anything you cannot see yourself doing for a long time. Changing an unhealthy lifestyle drastically just to lose weight can be unsustainable. You may return to your unhealthy old ways or become unmotivated when you don’t see results.

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