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Avail yourself to the season’s finest with Atome Prestige

A new collection of premium brands on Atome invites shoppers into a world of exquisite finds and luxury design, with the flexibility of spreading out your payments.

Avail yourself to the season’s finest with Atome Prestige

Get ready for holiday dressing and gifting with Atome Prestige’s curated list of premium fashion and beauty brands. Photos: Atome Singapore

There’s always a shift in the air when it comes to the last quarter of the year, and everything seems to take on a certain shine. The snowy decorations, the cheerful strings of lights and baubles, and the merry festive jingles all seem to put the spotlight on that once-a-year holiday magic.

To pump up the convivial vibe even further, Atome has taken the wraps off a new collection in its app – Atome Prestige. Showcasing iconic premium brands across fashion and beauty categories, this curated collection offers you an opportunity to reward yourself or a loved one with a well-deserved treat. At the same time, it releases the pressure from the concentrated spending during this period, thanks to its flexible and transparent buy now, pay later premise.


Shop over 35 covetable fashion and beauty brands, including Club21, Coach, Issey Miyake, Salvatore Ferragamo, Bonpoint, La Mer and Sulwhasoo with Atome Prestige.


Fashion is many things. It’s design and art, expressed through material and colour. It’s also self-expression and self-love, through your picks of what best represents your outlook in life. In short, it’s your wearable statement, and maybe, just for this season, you’re looking to dial it up for those parties and gatherings. 

Pick your inspiration from Atome Prestige, where 35 premium global brands – with more to follow – have launched their offerings. Armani Exchange, Comme Des Garçons, Jo Malone, Mulberry, Love Moschino – the glamorous list goes on.

“With Atome Prestige as a new collection under Atome, we can now access new customer segments who value quality and craftsmanship in premium products within a secure, seamless and convenient shopping and payment experience. This helps us widen our customer base, drive traffic and grow sales,” said Mr Kien Koh, head of marketing and public relations at Bluebell Singapore, brand distributor of Love Moschino in Singapore.

Find your edgy, kooky appeal with Marni, or boost your elegance with a few choice pieces from Salvatore Ferragamo. With the thoughtful collections from Atome Prestige, you’ll be able to filter out the noise and stand out with a few striking options. Imagine heading out to shop with the signature geometric totes from Bao Bao Issey Miyake or being comfy in urban city chic with the apparel from CK Calvin Klein.   

Shopping premium is also a nod to buying better, with pieces that last. Some of the onboarded merchants are also known for their sustainable efforts. UK-based Stella McCartney has long been associated with ethical design in her high-end fashion, making socially responsible choices in materials while donating proceeds to select environmental organisations. Belgian designer Dries Van Noten also injects longevity into his garments by manufacturing them from quality luxury textile makers, and comes up with designs that last past trending seasons – so you can truly do good, even as you look good.


Atome allows shoppers to make purchases and split their bills into three easy, interest-free monthly deferred payments with no annual or servicing fees.


Taking good care of your skin is an investment that never gets old – quite literally. Included in Atome Prestige’s line-up of new partners are top beauty brands such as Clé de Peau Beauté, Shiseido, Estee Lauder and Laura Mercier.

Indulge in the effects of marine kelp goodness by including the legendary Crème de la Mer in your skincare rituals. You’ll also find award-winning British brand Elemis here – get its collagen series, known for its rejuvenating boosts. 

If the olfactory journey is just as important for you, L’Occitane en Provence will take care of your needs. The French body and skincare brand is a holiday gift favourite with its intoxicating scents, and adding some of its products to your regime is always a treat.

South Korean luxury skincare Sulwhasoo also features aromatic elements in its range, with its bestselling First Care Activating Serum even advising one to inhale the fragrance as a relaxing step before application. To revitalise yourself before an important meeting, its anti-aging Timetreasure Invigorating Sleeping Mask should do the trick.


Be rewarded through Atome+, Atome’s in-app loyalty programme where you can earn points on every order to offset future transactions or redeem vouchers.


Ready to shine this season? Your holiday upgrades are ready to go with just a few clicks. Whether it’s to spruce up your wardrobe or to show your appreciation for that special someone, Atome is here to help.

By downloading the Atome app, one gains instant access to the convenient and flexible buy now, pay later service at over 5,000 online and offline retailers across Asia, with categories spanning beauty, fashion, lifestyle, home and living, travel, electronics, baby and kids, and more. With Atome Prestige, this now includes a curated collection of premium brands.

Atome allows you to split your purchases over three interest-free monthly payments by scanning a partner retailer’s in-store QR code or upon website checkout. You can also opt to settle your bills early by making the full payment three days after the purchase.

With clear payment schedules and frequent bill reminders, you’re always on top of your finances as the app keeps you updated of all purchases at a glance.

Download the Atome app to gain instant access to more than 5,000 online and offline retailers across Asia.


You’ll also find Atome+, Atome’s in-app loyalty programme, which rewards you with points for successful transactions on Atome – allowing you to offset your purchases or redeem vouchers for your next buy. And because it doesn’t discriminate between credit and debit cards, you can use either to get the most rewards. Pro tip: Leverage both vouchers and point redemptions for a savvy spend.

So spread out those buys and maximise your rewards while you’re at it. And with no interest fees and a clear overview of your spend, you can also be a responsible shopper. Make this season of gifting extra memorable, with an extra fine selection for yourself and your loved ones with Atome Prestige.

Claim your choice of well-earned upgrades with Atome Prestige by downloading the Atome app today. Available on both Google Play and Apple App stores.