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Brighten your festive celebration at home with a sparkling, easy-to-make Jim Beam highball

The smoky-sweet notes of oak and caramel in Jim Beam White make for a delicious drink to add cheer to your Christmas feast. Brought to you by Beam Suntory.

Brighten your festive celebration at home with a sparkling, easy-to-make Jim Beam highball

This Christmas, add a little variety to the tipple. Photo: Beam Suntory

Thinking of hosting an intimate dinner party this Christmas? While your guests have no doubt readied themselves for a customary spread of roasted meats, winter vegetables and traditional pudding, they have also likely accepted that the drinks served will be of the same old sort – soft drinks, canned beer and a bottle or two of wine.

This year, why not spice it up a little and add a twist to the beverage department of the party? 


When enjoying a lavish spread, it’s important that the accompanying drinks are refreshing and light enough to complement what might otherwise be a heavy meal. Rather than fall back on the standard options of vino or booze, try shaking things up with an easy-to-make highball.

A refreshing twist on the usual whiskey. Photo: Beam Suntory

The drink is a sparkly and fun number that’s built from whiskey, soda and a dash of lemon juice, and it's an ideal palate-cleanser for roasted meats and other festive dishes. The best part is, it can be made in a minute or less, and makes for a fun activity for family and friends.

Given whiskey is the key ingredient in this recipe, you’ll want to choose a well-balanced bottle for your gathering. The Jim Beam White, with its smooth body and smoky-sweet notes of oak and caramel, is your go-to.

While the whiskey holds its own neat or with a cube of ice, it pairs just as well with soda water – a combination that results in a gently peppery drink with a crisp, clean finish. To balance out the whiskey’s natural sweetness, add a dash of citrus.

Here’s an easy one-minute recipe you can replicate from the comfort of home using the Jim Beam Highball Home Kit (S$50).

00:45 Min
Just one minute for your festive Jim Beam Highball. Video: Beam Suntory

What you’ll need:

  • Jim Beam White Whiskey
  • Soda water
  • Ice cubes
  • Lemon wedges for garnishing
  • Chilled mugs
Method: Chill the Jim Beam whiskey, soda water and mug in the fridge for 20 minutes. In a chilled mug, squeeze a wedge of lemon before dropping your lemon into the mug. Fill your mug with ice cubes. Add Jim Beam and soda water in a 1:4 ratio. We recommend 30ml of Jim Beam to a 120ml can of soda. The Jim Beam Highball Home Kit consists of a bottle of Jim Beam, a can of Singha soda water and a Jim Beam mug. Photo: Beam Suntory



Now that you've an easy-to-prep drink, your guests deserve a food spread that complements it. A convenient option for that lies in ready-to-eat offerings from Cold Storage, such as its Hearty Christmas Feast (S$89.95).

The set feeds up to eight guests, and features a host of tasty meats to line your dining table – Rosemary Roasted Chicken with Chestnut Stuffing (2.2kg), Honey Turkey Ham (2kg), Smoked Garlic Chicken Sausages (200g) and Ribeye Roast Beef (800g) with Italian Herbs and Brown Sauce.

The Hearty Christmas Feasts covers just about all the essentials of a festive meal. Photo: Cold Storage

If more food is needed, consider adding more choices with a la carte options from Cold Storage’s festive menu.

Some favourites include the Butterball Roasted Turkey (S$64.95), a classic centrepiece for any festive meal; the Honey & Garlic Pork Knuckle (S$29.95) with crackly skin that wins in both looks and flavour; and the Pork Belly Ham with Raisins (S$29.95) for a sweet counterpoint to the cured meat.

The Pork Belly Ham with Raisins is a decadent main for those who want the balance between sweet and savoury. Photo: Cold Storage

Just remember – it’s the little things that count, so elevate your gathering with some finishing touches, whether with your favourite tableware or by lighting some scented Christmas candles.

Having sorted your menu and drinks for your upcoming Christmas gathering, the final thing to do is send out those invites to family and close friends – there’s nothing quite like toasting to the year gone by in good company, highballs in hand.

Get your Jim Beam Highball Home Kit at Cold Storage and start a new tradition this Christmas.