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Create treasured moments with Nespresso’s range of Nordic-inspired festive coffees

Nespresso launches three limited-edition coffee blends to help you create Nordic moments of indulgence this festive season. Let delicious brews usher in the holidays with cosy gatherings or mindful moments of relaxation. Brought to you by Nespresso

Create treasured moments with Nespresso’s range of Nordic-inspired festive coffees

Take a break and enjoy a cup of Nespresso's Nordic-inspired coffee with your loved ones. Photos: Nespresso

Having a cuppa in Singapore has moved beyond getting that shot of caffeine to power through a work day. The familiar refrain, “let’s get coffee”, can be more than just an invitation to catch a break in the middle of a hectic day – it’s a call to share warm moments of togetherness, bond over great conversation or even a timely reminder to take a luxurious pause.

The heartwarming feelings brought about are the very heart of hygge, a term and concept inherent in Nordic culture, which promotes comfortable conviviality and relaxed fellowship. It’s a concept that applies here in sunny Singapore as well. Coffeeshop talk is certainly central to local exchanges, no doubt assisted by delicious flavours from local fare and the aromatic presence of caffeine from our local kopi.

For the upcoming festive season, why not experience a new twist to your meetups by creating these quality moments and wonderful feelings with the concept of hygge? Enhance it with Nespresso’s Nordic-inspired Festive coffees, and rekindle the warmth of good company and restful moments alike.


Reminding one of toasty kopi-o at your neighbourhood kopitiam, where many cherished memories were made and close bonds nurtured, the Nordic Black coffee is as dark as night, but has lively notes that make for a delicious sip any time of the day. The aromatic blend is like a choice breakfast – plump with elegant fruit notes and a lingering cereal aftertaste, courtesy of the African and South American Arabica blend.

Recalling those precious and distinctive chats all Singaporeans have had at their local coffee shop, it’s a cup that will spark deep conversations over its light-bodied profile with medium intensity. Best served black as its name implies, but the truth is, it goes well too with a dash of milk. Try it with a side of half-boiled eggs and kaya toast for an indulgent breakfast.


Singaporeans love to have some sweets with our coffee – who can argue with some delicious old-school butter cake, right? Just like us, the Norwegians delight in having their classic almond cake, which they’ve proudly coined “the world’s best cake”, for their coffee break. And so, Nespresso baked the rich flavours of this ethereal creation into the Variations Nordic Almond Cake Flavoured coffee blend.

Building upon the medium-roast Livanto – a core signature blend from Nespresso with a balanced profile and rounded mouthfeel – this coffee benefits from a rounded blend of Latin America Arabicas, layered notes of cereal with the taste of vanilla custard, whipped cream, almonds and a delicate meringue sweetness. It’s got the kind of biscuit-y quality that heralds a well-deserved afternoon break – completely satisfying when enjoyed with friends or alone.


Salted egg yolk fish crisps, teh tarik popcorn, durian beer – Singaporeans love to explore and experiment with new flavour combinations.

The cloudberry, a little golden-yellow berry that grows only in the Arctic tundra, might not be as familiar to locals, but it will surely pique the interest of all with its unique flavour. Widely regarded as a delicacy, cloudberries boast a juicy sweetness with a delicate tart taste, and for the Variations Nordic Cloudberry Flavoured coffee blend, Nespresso brings the jammy goodness to the best-selling Livanto base for a complex and refreshing cup.

It might be borne out of the cold climate, but its fruity goodness is the stuff of happiness, and the round notes will feel like a hug from a fireplace – or better still, a loved one!


From army mates and secondary school friends to cherished family members, let Nespresso’s Limited-Edition Festive coffees invite quality gatherings to your home cafe experience. And because it’s the season of giving, Nespresso is adding to the cheer with exclusive festive specials for this period only.

From now till Jan 2, 2020, enjoy discounts of up to 20 per cent on Nespresso machines. If you love your espresso, there’s a 15 per-cent-discount on best-selling machines such as the Inissia and Essenza Plus. If you enjoy your lattes and cappuccinos, you’ll be pleased to hear that machines such as Lattissima One and Creatista Plus are going for 20 per cent off. The gorgeous Lattissima One will churn out creamy lattes, and you can’t go wrong with a sleek Creatista Plus frothing up a perfect cup, finished with some signature latte art.

In fact, if someone’s been extra nice, why not make their coffee dreams a reality this year with these attractive promotions and festive offers?

To get your coffee machine or to taste the Limited-Edition Festive coffees, visit the Nespresso boutiques at ION Orchard, Vivocity, Raffles City and Takashimaya or drop by its pop-up at Tampines Mall and Marina Bay Sands. You can also shop online or view the stunning range on its Instagram