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Embrace modern femininity with the Panerai Luminor Due Luna

The Italian luxury watchmaker’s new line of timepieces for women is its first small complication piece with a moon phase display.

Embrace modern femininity with the Panerai Luminor Due Luna

Panerai's latest addition to its Luminor Due line features a moon phase display, adding a touch of poetic beauty to the collection. Photos: Panerai

In line with archaic notions of daintiness, women have sometimes been relegated to the tiniest of timepieces across the history of wristwatches. From petite cases with dials that can barely be read to overly-blinged dials that stretch the limits of what constitutes a watch, a woman’s timepiece tends to look distinctly different from a man’s. 

But as seasons change, so have trends and mindsets. With a new generation of women gaining interest in complicated watches and opting to stand out with sized-up watch faces, women’s timepieces are becoming more varied.

Proving that it can both move with the times and keep to its DNA of sporty elegance, Italian luxury watchmaker Panerai’s latest addition to its collection for women offers the perfect balance: A smaller timepiece that still makes for a bold statement.

Panerai is known for its precision craftsmanship and material innovation.


With an established tradition of producing military watches for the Italian Royal Navy, Panerai saw a surge in mainstream popularity in the 1990s when A-listers like Sylvester Stallone started wearing it. 

With watches sized easily above 44mm, the Panerai signature look was in a class of its own – but one limited to a single gender due to its generous proportion. Over time, women’s watches would slowly catch up in size but wouldn’t come close until Panerai itself launched the Luminor Due line in 2016. 

Sized between 38mm and 42mm, the Due line was sporty yet refined, with a touch of modern femininity that has since become a mainstay for the brand. 

Adding on to the collection this year is the Panerai Luminor Due Luna, the brand’s first small complication piece with a moon phase display.

A close-up of the moon phase display on the Luminor Due Luna PAM01181.


Given the moon’s fascinating influence on the concept of timekeeping, it is only fitting that the first complication in the Due line is a moon phase. Often described as the most poetic of complications, the moon phase allows the wearer to observe the waxing and waning of the moon through the monthly lunar cycle. 

On all four timepieces of the Panerai Luminor Due Luna range sits an aperture at 3 o’clock with a rotating disc, showcasing a moon handmade in 24-carat gold set against a deep blue night sky. 

On the sun-brushed white dials of the PAM01180 and PAM01301, the moon phase stands out, drawing the gaze straight to it. On the PAM01179, it’s more subtle, with the blue sun-brushed dial and golden disc of the moon phase more closely matched. The most “feminine” of the range is the PAM01181, fitted with an iridescent mother-of-pearl dial that gently complements the moon phase.

The Luminor Due Luna PAM01180 has a white sun-brushed dial with luminous Arabic numerals and hour markers.

The modern woman knows that form without function is of little value. Each Luminor Due Luna houses Panerai’s P900 movement, which gives the wearer three days of power reserve. Additionally, the P.900/MP calibre powering the piece allows for the moon phase function to be set directly from the watch crown, without the need for any tool or corrector. 


Even with just four timepieces, the Panerai Luminor Due Luna range is diverse enough to be distinctive. 

The PAM01179, PAM01180 and PAM01301 are available in polished steel cases, while the PAM01181 is crafted in Goldtech, Panerai’s proprietary gold alloy that gives the metal its intense red hue. 

As for straps, the PAM01301 touts a stainless steel bracelet to match its case. The PAM01179 and PAM01181 come with blue alligator leather straps; the PAM01180 has one in pink. 

If you're a fan of colour, the PAM01180 comes with a vivid pink alligator-skin leather strap.

The latter three models feature a quick release system that allows wearers to change the straps easily. Lightly press the back of the strap to release it from its case and refit it with a different option. With the introduction of the Luminor Due satin straps that come in five colours, you can build a collection to suit any occasion. 

Whether your personal style leans towards a sporty aesthetic or a classic look, Panerai’s latest collection is one that bears watching. 

Add a touch of modern femininity to your collection of timepieces with the Luminor Due Luna.