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Forget your wanderlust. Singapore’s first 5G standalone network changes the way you live, work and play every day

Witness an underwater kingdom in its full glory, race like an F1 driver and indulge in the thrill of exploring new nature trails —all without buying a plane ticket.

Forget your wanderlust. Singapore’s first 5G standalone network changes the way you live, work and play every day

The use of 5G technology has made possible Singapore’s first underwater 5G livestream of the S.E.A. Aquarium in 4K. Photos: Singtel

Travel undoubtedly tops the list of items that Singaporeans miss this past year. Whether it’s that moment of awe as you see a manta ray glide past in the deep-sea wonderland of Australia or the rush of adrenaline as race cars whiz by on the streets of Monaco, travel brings out that sense of discovery from each of us with one-of-a-kind experiences.

Though leisure travel as we used to know it is still not on the cards, Singtel is looking to offer similarly stirring adventures on its 5G Standalone network. The telecommunications conglomerate is powering up the way Singaporeans live, work and play by bringing unique 5G experiences to UNBOXED@SingPost Centre and Sentosa’s newest lifestyle destination, Southside.

Merging the digital and real worlds, visitors can tap into Singapore’s most powerful* 5G network and immerse themselves in high-octane simulators and dreamy underwater scenes. These experiences do not require a passport, yet allow you to escape, if only virtually, from Singapore.


The responsiveness of Singtel's 5G network helps ensure that the radio-controlled race cars – travelling at speeds of up to 58 kmh on the track at Southside, Sentosa – respond rapidly to control inputs.

You’re buckled in and your hands are on the wheel. You feel your heart beat faster as you get ready to accelerate your race car. As the race starts, you experience live cockpit action as though you were a driver at the Monaco Grand Prix when in fact, you’re seated in one of the plush racing booths at Southside, Sentosa

As you take control of a 1:10 scale radio-controlled car in Singapore’s first 5G-powered night e-Race, you get a real-time video feed of the racetrack – located 50m from the racing booths – from a camera attached to the cars.

The 5G network’s responsiveness makes it possible for these RC race cars – travelling at speeds of up to 58 kmh – to respond extremely rapidly to control inputs. It’s hardly surprising then, that Singtel has been recognised as the fastest 5G network operator in Singapore by Ookla^, a global leader in fixed broadband and mobile network testing.

This exclusive 5G-powered e-Race set-up sits on a green outside a collection of new, trendy eateries at Southside, and diners get to redeem this thrill ride by showing a receipt from any of these eateries. Register online to reserve your Dine & Drive session. Be sure to redeem your exclusive Singtel 5G merchandise after the race.


Singtel’s Hidden Gem Hunt on Sentosa puts a high-tech spin on hiking. Find the hidden gems and you could win a 3-day-2-night staycation on Sentosa!

Similar to the Caoling Historic Trail in Taipei, hiking through Sentosa promises refreshing coastal scenery. Besides treating yourself to idyllic views, keep an eye out for five hidden treasures on the trail. Each treasure aligns with one of five pillars of Singtel’s 5G network — such as blazing speeds and incredible consistency.

Before you head out, look out for clues on Singtel’s Instagram highlights to help you find the hidden gems. When you discover them, post all five photos of the hidden gems on your Facebook page or Instagram account with the tags #PowerUpwithSingtel5G, #Singtel5Gsentosa and @singtel. For the final step, copy the screenshot of your post and submit your entry via

The walk will take you to beautiful spots that not many have explored, so don’t be surprised if someone asks if your pictures were taken locally!

Can’t make it to Sentosa? You could also win a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ 5G by participating in Singtel’s #PowerUpwithSingtel5G contest.


Spectacular ocean scenes have become a distant memory for many divers with travel restrictions across the globe, but 5G technology brings authentic underwater scenes right before the eyes of even non-divers. Tapping on its ultra-smooth 5G network, Singtel brings you Singapore’s first underwater 5G livestream of the S.E.A. Aquarium in glorious 4K quality at UNBOXED@SingPost Centre.

Whether you’re at the UNBOXED@SingPost Centre or over at the Singtel Shop in Comcentre, Waterway Point or Tampines Mall, you’ll be able to get up-close to a myriad of sea creatures as if you are diving in the waters surrounding the Great Barrier Reef — one of the top dive sites in the world. Stand up close to the giant screens and feel what it’s like to be part of the deep blue, as a specially installed camera and an ultra-consistent 5G connection help create this immersive experience.

For divers who miss their trips, non-divers who appreciate marine life and those who prefer not to jostle with the crowds at the aquarium itself, the ability to enjoy the attraction at Resorts World remotely with such clarity demonstrates one of 5G’s many possibilities. And for an extra dose of delight, come by at 3.45pm excluding Mondays and Fridays to witness a burst of underwater activity during feeding time.


A camera attached to the 1:10 scale radio-controlled cars on the track at Southside, Sentosa offers drivers a real-time view of the night-time, on-track action.

From exhilarating races to underwater explorations, Singtel’s 5G network demonstrates how it opens new worlds for us to discover. These are not just adventures to be viewed on your devices, but immersive experiences that take you on captivating journeys.

With its ultra-fast speeds, videos on any platform will be ready in seconds instead of minutes. Ultra-responsive connections mean ultra-responsive gaming and event livestreams, so you’ll never miss a moment of action that matters to you. And with coverage established at over 1,000 sites islandwide, both indoors and outdoors, expect an ultra-consistent 5G network that never fails to deliver.

With high-quality video calls more necessary than ever as more interactions move online due to the prevailing COVID-19 situation, 5G’s ultra-smooth capabilities ensure every conversation is crystal-clear and uninterrupted. Top these capabilities off with impeccable network security, and the nation’s most powerful* 5G network is set to deliver a new way of life.

Experience the 5G-powered Sentosa attractions or find out how you can fast-forward yourself onto the network with an appointment at Singtel shops.

*According to tests on network speeds and consistency across locations conducted by HardwareZone in 2020.

^Based on analysis by Ookla of Speedtest Intelligence data Q1–Q2 2021. Ookla trademarks used under licence and reprinted with permission. 

Source: CNA