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Getting back your glow post-pregnancy, with the help of professionals

Experts at illumia Therapeutics and Papilla Haircare recommend treatments that 
can help new mothers manage postpartum body and hair woes.

Getting back your glow post-pregnancy, with the help of professionals

Mothers can benefit from tailored and targeted postpartum treatments offered by illumia Therapeutics and Papilla Haircare for that postpartum glow up. Photo: Shutterstock

Pregnancy is rewarding in many aspects, but it can also be challenging. Changes abound, from the hormonal to the physical, and these alterations can continue well into the postpartum period. It’s little surprise that many new mothers share similar struggles, especially pertaining to their physique.
“Postpartum concerns like hair loss, loose skin, weight changes and incontinence are more common than we think,” said Ms Kim Lim, founder of illumia Therapeutics and Papilla Haircare.
Tailored and targeted postpartum treatments are one of the key services offered by both brands. According to Ms Lim, a significant portion of their clients are mothers, leading the wellness firms to invest in expertise and treatments to help them on a holistic journey to recovery.
Experts from illumina Therapeutics and Papilla Haircare share some of the common postnatal concerns women have, and the treatment solutions that could address them.


Women looking to give scalp and hair health a boost can consider Papilla Haircare's signature Scalpelectroporation Activator Treatment. Photo: Papilla Haircare

Hormonal changes and iron deficiencies caused by pregnancy are two leading reasons behind the excessive hair fall some women experience after labour, said Dr Jason Lau, resident doctor at illumia Medical i12.

Sister brand Papilla Haircare offers a proprietary scalp care solution, the Scalpelectroporation (S.E.P) Activator Treatment, targeted at tackling hair loss. 

The treatment’s star component is a stem cell solution packed with “scalp-loving ingredients, including amino acids and growth factors”, shared Mr Allan Tang, head of operations and education at Papillia Haircare. He added that the solution includes PDRN (polydeoxyribonucleotide), an extract that repairs the hair follicle at a cellular level, encouraging hair regeneration and growth.

The solution is delivered to the scalp using non-invasive pulsed energy technology. “This technology is FDA-approved and up to 17 times more effective than topical application,” said Mr Tang.

For optimal results, Mr Tang advises using shampoos and conditioners that promote hair growth, and incorporating a regular scalp exfoliation routine to remove sebum and product build-up. “Be gentle when washing and combing your tresses,” he added. “Avoid hairstyles such as tight ponytails and braids as these can add more stress to your scalp.”


Illumia Therapeutics offers non-invasive sculpting and firming treatments. Photo: illumia Therapeutics

The core and pelvic floor are put under severe stress during pregnancy and when giving birth. Diastasis recti, explained Dr Lau, occurs when one’s abdominal muscles are pushed apart due to inner-abdominal pressure, causing the tummy to “stick out”. 

“This is akin to a rubber band that is stretched out for too long, and unable to return to its original shape,” he elaborated.

Rebuilding the core muscles can gradually reverse diastasis recti. New mothers looking for a non-invasive treatment to manage diastasis recti can consider illumiaSculpt, said Ms Pauline Lee, a senior therapist at illumia Therapeutics.

IllumiaSculpt harnesses high-intensity, focused electromagnetic technology to strengthen core muscles. According to Ms Lee, the latter induces muscle contractions that can help promote muscle growth and density in the abdominal area. 

Dr Lau added that besides diastasis recti, postpartum incontinence is another issue customers seek help for. “The condition is usually short-lived, and things typically return to normal after a few months,” he shared.

For women who wish to strengthen the pelvic floor, Ms Lau suggests complementing a healthy lifestyle with the Tesla Care treatment. During the 30-minute session, the client sits in a treatment chair that deploys non-invasive functional magnetic stimulation technology to trigger muscle contractions in the pelvic area, akin to clench-and-release Kegel exercises.

“However, if postpartum incontinence does not improve after a few months, do seek further medical attention,” advised Dr Lau.


Ms Lim encourages women to keep in mind that everyone is on their own unique journey when it comes to regaining their pre-pregnancy physique.

Beauty standards around women’s bodies are significant stressors in the postpartum journey, with weight gain and loose skin being two ubiquitous concerns. “There is a very strong bounce-back culture, where mothers are expected to snap back into their pre-pregnancy bodies right after birth,” observed Ms Lim.

However, crash dieting and excessive exercising are ill-advised solutions to these issues, she continued. 

“Try to take in healthy and well-balanced foods to support your recovery,” said Ms Lim. “Be sure to drink enough water. Sufficient rest would help, too, though it may be a challenge with a new baby. Most importantly, be patient and give yourself time.”

Illumia Therapeutics offers a few treatment options to support body contouring goals. For stubborn fat in the belly area, Ms Lee points to the Cooltech IceSculpt procedure, which uses cold temperatures to target fat cells. Prime X is its complementary treatment – instead of cold technology, it uses heat, ultrasound and radiofrequency waves to achieve similar goals.

For women looking to tighten loose skin around the abdomen, Ms Lee suggests the ONDA Micro Coolwaves and RF Body Legacy Sculpt options. Both are aimed at stimulating collagen production to improve skin elasticity.

“It is important to note that people should set realistic goals,” underscored Ms Lim. “It’s not a competition. Everyone is on her own recovery journey.”
Learn more about how Papilla Haircare, illumia Medical and illumia Therapeutics can be your partner in your postpartum journey.

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