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Have your groceries your way with the improved FairPrice app

FairPrice updates its app with new touchpoints for a more rewarding and efficient grocery run.

Have your groceries your way with the improved FairPrice app

Get your groceries and be rewarded using FairPrice’s enhanced app functions. Photo: FairPrice

What type of a supermarket shopper are you? The efficient sort who makes shopping lists and heads in and out with your loot within 20 minutes? Or are you the bargain hunter, comparing prices on websites before carting everything out online for the best value? Maybe you’re the savvy shopper who knows FairPrice just upgraded its app, and uses the new features to have the best of both worlds.

To make grocery shopping safer and more efficient, NTUC FairPrice’s improved app functions are designed to save time by streamlining the process for shoppers, letting you plan, pay and be rewarded all in one app. The one-stop solution is now better linked to all FairPrice, Unity and Warehouse Club outlets, so you can enjoy the same perks such as bonus LinkPoints whether you shop online or in-store. Now, you can truly buy “Your Groceries, Your Way” – the new promise that FairPrice commits to its customers.


Enjoy easy and speedy contactless payment in-store with the FairPrice app. Photo: FairPrice


Forgot your wallet? No sweat. Users of the revamped FairPrice app can pay directly in-store with their smartphone instead – because no one leaves home without one, right?

While one might be familiar with cashless transactions and tapping cards to pay, the app frees you up from physical cards by securely storing your card details, so you’ll be able to pay via the FairPrice app. All that’s needed is a scan of your screen’s QR code at the cashier and self-checkout counters. And with your Plus! Membership also synced to the app, you’ll earn LinkPoint rewards while paying – clearing two tasks in one swoop.

Love to skip the lines? Do a self-checkout using Scan & Go. Scan your buys with your phone as you add them to your cart or reusable bag, and settle payment when you’re done without needing to join a line. The final step is to just head on over to the Scan & Go kiosks near the exit and give one last scan to verify your shopping – easy-peasy.


Free delivery is available when you spend a minimum of S$79. Photo: iStock


Even if you don’t feel like visiting the stores yourself, there’s no need to compromise on your daily essentials. The FairPrice app ensures your shopping is always just a tap away – no social distancing needed. Whether it’s that lauded laundry detergent recommended by your neighbour or an extra tub of ice-cream to accompany your Korean drama binges, find your supplies easily with your smartphone.

Skip the heavy lifting when you shop online – free delivery is available when you spend a minimum of just S$79. In fact, if you’re a frequent shopper, FairPrice Digital Club is your ticket to bigger perks. Enjoy service fee waivers and member-exclusive promotions, while doubling your LinkPoint earnings for up to one point per dollar spent – all of which are automatically credited when you check out online.


Missed out on the milk? Going digital on the app means less forgetting and a happier fridge with the new shopping list feature. And to help you track everything to the cent, a past orders function lets you see your purchase history at any time.

There’s even a Search and Browse feature on the app that helps you to quickly navigate your shopping list, and if you’re looking to make that trip to the store, it’s also a great way to ensure the item is still available in-store.


Get double the LinkPoints for your first four transactions in-store using the app. Photo: iStock


Being rewarded with LinkPoints is now so much easier, because it’s built into your checkouts. With the enhancements, you now earn LinkPoints on online purchases, unlike previously when points were only awarded in-store. Even if you’re dropping by just to pick up a chocolate bar, you’ll be pleased to know that you start earning points from that first dollar.

To mark these new app upgrades, FairPrice is giving you extra opportunities to level up those points. For your first four transactions in-store using the app, FairPrice is doubling the LinkPoints you’ll earn. And till Nov 24, stand to earn S$5 worth of LinkPoints when you pair up one online delivery transaction with an in-store transaction. Visit the official page to learn more.      

One phone, one app. From handy payment functions to integrated savings features, the new FairPrice app strives to be the ultimate personal assistant to every type of shopper. 

Download the new FairPrice app today and shop for your groceries, your way.