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Look forward to better skin health this year

Dealing with pigmentation, premature signs of skin ageing or sensitivity? An expert from New York Skin Solutions shares some fuss-free ways to tackle these common skin concerns. 

Look forward to better skin health this year

Mediacorp artiste Bonnie Loo takes time out of her busy schedule to care for her skin at New York Skin Solutions. Photos: New York Skin Solutions

Many people struggle with acne scars, fine lines, dark spots and dry skin. While these can be partially attributed to the inevitable process of getting older, lifestyle factors also play a part.

“Signs of ageing appear as early as the late 20s, usually due to sun damage,” said Ms Veron Wong, senior treatment trainer, New York Skin Solutions. “It is also around this time that the skin repair system starts slowing down, resulting in decreased collagen production, which makes the skin appear saggy and dull.”

Before you run out to overhaul your skincare stash or attempt that beauty hack you saw on TikTok, it’s important to first get acquainted with your skin type and what it needs.


Ms Veron Wong, senior treatment trainer, New York Skin Solutions, provides skin consultations to many influencers and celebrities, including Mediacorp YES 933 DJ Chen Ning.

Knowing what your skin needs will minimise the chances of exacerbating problems that result from wrong skincare usage. “For some skin types, excessive use of active ingredients may do more harm than good,” said Ms Wong. “Those with sensitive skin, for instance, should be wary about using too much retinol as it can irritate the skin.”

One way to take the guesswork out of this process is to have your skin analysed using the New York Skin Solutions skin scanner. “It has a 50x magnifying lens that reveals underlying problems in the top and middle layers of the skin, whether it’s sensitivity, pigmentation or inflammation,” said Ms Wong.


Hyperpigmentation, characterised by dark spots and an uneven skin tone, gets more severe as we age. “Internal factors such as one’s genes play a part, but so do external factors such as using the wrong skincare products that affect one’s melanin pigmentary systems,” explained Ms Wong.

Ms Wong added that boosting your skin’s cellular turnover with ingredients such as Vitamin C, retinol and tranexamic acid may help reduce the formation of dark spots. “Using these in tandem with moisturising agents will enable ingredients to penetrate more deeply into the skin’s layers, restoring firmness and lightening dark spots while repairing the skin,” she said. 

Besides hyperpigmentation, acne scars are another top source of concern for New York Skin Solutions customers, with a rise in the number of male customers seeking treatment for this issue, revealed Ms Wong. 

Scarring is a part of the skin’s natural healing process following an acne outbreak. Some people with acne-prone skin stay away from using moisturiser, thinking that it will trigger further outbreaks. However, they may actually benefit from a regular hydrating routine, said Ms Wong.

There are two reasons for this. Firstly, well-moisturised skin aids the healing process following an acne outbreak, reducing the appearance of scars. Secondly, skin that is hydrated encourages healthy sebum production that, in turn, keeps the oil glands in check. A good hydrating routine, coupled with proper cleansing to balance the skin’s pH levels, can go a long way in preventing future outbreaks for those with acne-prone skin. 

It is also common for people to get itchy and dry skin or red patches on the skin as they age, which they usually attribute to their skin becoming more “sensitive”. Although they are not exactly wrong, Ms Wong explained that “sensitive skin” is a catch-all term describing a broad spectrum of issues, including eczema. Therefore, it would be more helpful to consult a professional to better understand the underlying cause of the skin issue you are dealing with.

In general, however, Ms Wong said that those dealing with redness, itchiness or dryness should avoid products with exfoliants, strengthen the skin’s barrier by keeping it hydrated, and be religious about using sunscreen.


The New York Skin Solutions outlet at Ngee Ann City.

Even if you have a stringent skincare routine, you could always benefit from a professional facial treatment as it may help promote optimum cellular turnover, said Ms Wong.

New York Skin Solutions, which takes a holistic approach to facial treatments, aims to help its customers achieve healthy skin. According to Ms Wong, nano-molecules present in its professional-use skincare products allow active ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin for more significant results. 

“All our treatments, products and even techniques are formulated in-house, so we have a deep understanding about their efficacy,” added Ms Wong.

The consultants at New York Skin Solutions also educate customers on the importance of using the right skincare for their skin type, as well as follow up with them post-treatment to ensure that they take proper care of their skin at home.

With a better understanding of what your skin needs, a few lifestyle tweaks, and a little help from the professionals, better skin could be on the cards for you this year. 

Discover how New York Skin Solutions’ customised facial treatments can help you achieve healthy skin in 2023.