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The love that endures is marked by Trust: Discover Poh Heng’s ultimate emblem of forever

For a story just as faceted and a future just as bright, there’s one diamond that represents. Brought to you by Poh Heng.

The love that endures is marked by Trust: Discover Poh Heng’s ultimate emblem of forever

The Trust Diamond from Poh Heng is a glittering symbol of eternity. Photos: Poh Heng

Some of life’s most enigmatic qualities are also the most intangible. The smile from a surprise, the warm act of hand-holding, or the mere presence of the other in the same room – lovers communicate beyond what is said, in a way that is lasting and profound.

The nuances of these moments are important, and reflect the many facets of your relationship. They are made up of passion and infatuation, sentiment and tenderness. In its entirety, it forms a brilliant tale of choice – your devotion.

For decades, the diamond has been the symbol of this promise to love. Its enduring shine and strength make it the only gem to qualify. But for the exceptional love story, only the rarest can exemplify – the Poh Heng Trust Diamond


The quality of a diamond is typically assessed by the four Cs – clarity, colour, cut and carat. To represent the exceptional bond between two, Poh Heng has introduced the fifth C – curation.

Only 5 per cent of the world’s diamonds make the criteria to be a Trust Diamond, and Poh Heng hand-selects them for their rare quality and beauty. For the remarkable proposal, the Trust Diamond – a natural diamond – is a fitting symbol.

Expect only pure clarity of VS1 and above, and the highest D colour grade that allows light to filter through. This the Trust Diamond does brilliantly, with a 57-facet cut backed by empirical analysis to deliver an interstellar shine. The solitaire is encased in a signature crown casing – a choice signaling its inherent nobility. 

For the lucky who have found that love of a lifetime, the Trust Diamond celebrates the start of a promise and will remain a glittering symbol of eternity.


As with the expression of love, trust should be an omnipresent trait in relationships. And so, the Trust Diamond needn’t be worn only for special occasions. Poh Heng’s Trust Diamond collection expresses the round solitaire in many forms so that it accessorises to meet many needs and scenarios.

For the purists, the 2-carat Solitaire Trust Diamond Ring is an unmistakable statement. The band of white gold represents the union of two and lifts the gem aloft in tribute to the expression of love. The simplicity of the streamlined band stands in poetic contrast to the brilliant solitaire.

Nestling closer to the heart on an 18k white gold necklace is the 1.5-carat Solitaire Trust Diamond Pendant – a versatile piece that lends itself well to both casual and formal dos.  

The Solitaire Trust Diamond Earrings are for those who love things dramatic. Encircled in a halo of smaller diamonds, the sparkling 1-carat pair accentuates the face perfectly for a spellbinding effect.

Size your carat for any occasion with Poh Heng for that head-turning showstopper or that discreet sparkle of elegance.


Your love journey is marked by significant moments, and choosing that proposal ring or anniversary present should be one of them.

Picking the Trust Diamond is a special occasion. With over 70 years of history as an esteemed jeweller, Poh Heng has designed the process with care and takes you past certifications to help you choose pieces that really shine. Its specialist will share with you the finer details of a Trust Diamond and understand your preferences before presenting you with a customised selection of designs to try.

With diamond grading from the Gemological Institute of America, the Trust Diamond range makes for legacy pieces to be appreciated through generations. Poh Heng even gives you the option to trade up your tier of Trust Diamond, perfect for that anniversary milestone.

For something as cherished as the stories two people share, Poh Heng’s thoughtful curation of its Trust Diamond really speaks to the heart. Begin the journey with Trust. Speak to a specialist at your preferred Poh Heng boutique.