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The modern millennial’s guide to travelling luxe – while spending a whole lot less

Living the high life when you're on vacation doesn’t have to cost your life savings. Brought to you by Citi

The modern millennial’s guide to travelling luxe – while spending a whole lot less

You can travel like a seasoned pro - and take great holiday selfies - with smart planning. Photos: Shutterstock

Despite their carefully curated Instagram Stories and fashion week-worthy #OOTD (Outfits of the Day), millennial travellers have a reputation for being frugal. A CNA ASIA story earlier this year reported that millennials spend half the amount that baby boomers do on travel, and are more likely to be enticed by travel deals.

That doesn’t mean that you have to fly only on budget airlines and live off supermarket sandwiches in Paris. With some clever planning, luxury and exclusivity are within reach.


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When planning your trip, the temptation to squeeze in as many places as possible is strong. But if you only have one week, it might be better to spend it in one city, or two at the most.

Train and plane tickets can be expensive, and prices tend to fluctuate wildly depending on the occasion, like busy holiday weekends. This isn’t good for your budget (or stress levels). If you must move around, consider taking day trips via cheaper forms of public transport like the local commuter train, instead of the inter-city express. 

If you’re concerned that travel delays could lead to unexpected expenses, buying travel insurance could offer peace of mind. You’ll also get to save up to 40 per cent off on travel insurance when you pay with Citi Cards.


You might be the type who travels to eat. But if dropping S$450 on a tasting menu at a Michelin-starred eatery means you’ll survive on instant noodles for the rest of the trip, consider a more wallet-friendly experience that’s still satisfying.

Many destination restaurants offer a cheaper weekday lunch prix fixe menu. Also, those who don’t mind sitting at the restaurant’s bar instead of the main dining area can still enjoy a curated selection of items from the main kitchen.

For example, the renowned Eleven Madison Park in New York has a lighter five-course set dinner at the bar for around half the price of the eight- to 10-course tasting menu. Bonus? It’s easy to just walk in at most restaurant bars, (#spontaneous).


If Instagram is your main source of travel inspiration, you’ll probably have seen influencers living it up in designer hotels and resorts. You can, too. Balance your accommodation budget with five nights in an Airbnb, and finish off your trip with one or two nights in the resort of your dreams. You’ll also get to move around neighbourhoods – a bonus in massive, sprawling cities like London or Tokyo.

Bargain hunters with an adventurous streak should also check out the last-minute deals section on booking websites like Expedia, where off-season hotel rooms can go for as much as S$200 cheaper than listed price elsewhere (however, you may have to book literally the night before to get the deal).

Don’t forget to check out Citi World Privileges before you book – till Dec 31, 2019, you can enjoy a 10-per-cent discount on Expedia hotel bookings, up to 8 per cent off hotel bookings, an additional 8 per cent off hotels at selected destinations on Agoda and special deals at selected hotels.

Find out more about Citi’s suite of travel essentials that can help you maximise your mileage and minimise the hassle when you’re overseas. Don’t have a Citi PremierMiles Visa Card yet? Apply now and get 40,000 Citi Miles* as you spend.

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