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No better time to overhaul your bra wardrobe than during this Great Singapore Sale

Your five-year-old bras – comfortable as they may be – may no longer fit your current lifestyle needs or body type | Brought to you by Triumph

No better time to overhaul your bra wardrobe than during this Great Singapore Sale

Boost your cleavage with Triumph's popular Aqua Lily range. Photos: Triumph

Once in a while, depending on where you are at in your career or life, you may look at your wardrobe and think about overhauling it. Maybe you are finally ready to give away the mustard pleated skirt that never complemented your skin tone anyway. Or maybe it’s time to retire that cropped rock-slogan tee that has seen better days.

But how many of us actually think about curating our bra collection? If you go through your lingerie drawer, you may realise that you have been buying – and keeping – the same cuts and styles all these years. The problem: Some of the bras may no longer fit your current lifestyle needs or your body type. So, what better time than during the Great Singapore Sale (GSS) to give your bra collection a makeover?


Need a little help boosting your cleavage? Try Triumph’s Aqua Lily range – it apparently does just that by up to two sizes. You even have a choice of three push-up levels: Natural, Extra and Ultimate. It’s no wonder that Aqua Lily is a hot seller in our region – three pieces are sold every minute across Asia.

The Aqua Lily Natural comes with smooth cups, removable padding and an unusually designed back. The Aqua Lily Extra is designed with an alluring V-neckline and offers a more discernable push-up effect. It’s also very pretty, with delicate floral embroidery and sexy mesh sides. For maximum boost, there is the Aqua Lily Ultimate Magic Wire with soft underwire and removable padding.

The bonus: The Aqua Lily range now features new-generation Aqua padding that is 50 per cent lighter than its predecessor.


A T-shirt bra should be a staple in every woman’s wardrobe – a good one will see you through fitted tops and clingy shirts without unsightly bumps and kinks.

Triumph’s Everyday Essential T-shirt bra is one that you can rely on for everyday wear. Lightweight and breathable, it is especially ideal for the perennially humid climate here. Made with a combination of memory foam and soft foam, the Everyday Essential bra always feels comfortable. It is also smooth and seamless, making it just about invisible under the tightest tops.

The Everyday Essential collection comes in a delightful assortment of styles like the Wired Push-up, the Non-Wired Push-up with detachable straps and the Non-Wired Padded that gives one that extra boost.  


If you are well-endowed and need more support, Triumph’s Natural Embrace is the bra for you. The bras in this collection are lightweight, use flexible lace to replace underwires, and have soft and smooth cups so you get both support and comfort all day long.

The Comfort Touch range is another option. Targeted at women who want a little more support in the most minimalist way, this range of bras uses feather-soft, lightweight microfibre and comes with brushed straps and bi-stretch cups that will make you feel like you aren’t wearing anything. 


A good sports bra needs to feel comfortable yet provide support and bounce control. Triumph’s Triaction collection ticks all these boxes, and more.

This collection has been tested and certified by the University of Portsmouth's Research Group In Breast Health in the United Kingdom to offer substantial bounce control reduction.

If you are into high-impact sports like running and HIIT workouts, the Cardio range of the Triaction bras will make you feel secure and supported. Using Dynamic Lite with 3D Powertech technology, multiple fabrics have been fused together to provide ample bounce control, support as well as flexibility. Straps are lightly padded to reduce chafing due to movement.

For lower-intensity activities like yoga, the Studio seamless contour bra range uses Triumph’s soft-touch Magic Wire Air technology. You get wired support with extra comfort thanks to the bra’s quick-dry properties and perforated cups that help to promote breathability.

Style-conscious fitness enthusiasts will be happy to know that the Triaction collection looks as good as it functions, boasting a raft of trendy hues, charming prints and modern cuts.


Visit Triumph today and overhaul your bra wardrobe. Buy three pieces and get one piece free; buy five pieces and get two free and S$50 vouchers; buy six pieces and get three free and S$60 vouchers. Find your nearest Triumph store here.