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No hassle, just seamless connections

In an age when everything from work to play relies on the Internet, nothing beats a reliable Wi-Fi service to help our life run like clockwork.

No hassle, just seamless connections

Singtel Home Priority plans equip large homes of up to 10,000 sq ft with strong Wi-Fi signals, so you can stay connected whichever part of the house you are in. Photos: Singtel

We’ve all been there. The Wi-Fi’s acting up and we’re not entirely sure why. We turn the main power off and on, fiddle with the antennae and adjust the router’s position. But nothing works. During these frustrating moments, all of us wish we could get prompt support.   

Hearing this SOS is Singtel, with its two Home Priority plans that offer end-to-end technical assistance from the get-go, so you won’t have to worry about setting it up yourself. Packaged with priority service and bespoke installation, these plans are ideal for users who have complicated or large home configurations. Better yet, you can even call upon a technician to make a house visit within two hours whenever you need help.


The living room or somewhere central is typically where one would place a Wi-Fi router. In smaller homes with fewer walls and other structures that obstruct signals, this usually works fine. However, for larger or multi-storey homes, it is hard for these signals to get through multiple layers of dense building materials that reinforce a bigger house.

Any teenage son holed up in his third-floor bedroom trying to clinch a win in the latest game while his mother is streaming her Korean series in the living room downstairs can attest to how frustrating it is when a regular Wi-Fi set-up struggles to keep up with the family’s usage. Coupled with the always-on smart home devices and computers connected to the network due to the need to work from home, it’s no wonder connection gets spotty.

The Singtel Home Priority plans tap into the latest mesh technology that employs an overlapping multi-point system to ensure the best high-speed coverage and no dead zones even across levels. By blanketing the house with multiple points of connections, the set-up eases bandwidth congestion and improves connectivity. Think of it as having multi-split air conditioners in each room as opposed to a giant central unit strongly blowing only into one.

Multi-storey houses will benefit from the Home Priority Plus plan at S$128 per month – which provides up to 10,000 sq ft of stable coverage through four Netgear Orbi Wi-Fi 6 mesh units with tri-band technology (worth S$1,398). The distribution allows the signals to circumvent physical obstacles, allowing for smooth pairing and functioning of up to 40 devices in a smart home.

no signal drops
Enjoy seamless Internet connection when you work from home with Singtel's customised network set-up.


Is your house more of a single-storey mansion or a five-room flat with a complex layout? Then the Home Priority plan at S$88 per month could be ideal for your home. Unlike standard extenders that require you to you to switch between networks as you move about the house, the Singtel mesh extenders provide expanded coverage but under the same network as the main unit, so you will enjoy seamless Internet connectivity and not have to worry about signal drops in the middle of an important video call or game.

With the Home Priority plans, you’re truly benefitting from Singtel’s ultra-responsive connection that offers a 2Gbps bandwidth on its single fibre broadband network and two dedicated 1Gbps fibre connections.


You won’t need to worry about setting up or optimising your Wi-Fi connection with Singtel’s Home Priority plans. The Priority Plus (with Netgear Orbi Mesh) plan comes with a pre-installation site visit, which is when Singtel engineers identify possible challenging scenarios and figure out the best way to set up. For example, did you know aquariums and hidden metal walls can greatly reduce signal strength? After the recce, these network specialists will return to install your Wi-Fi system in an optimum configuration based on your home’s layout and check that Internet connectivity is maximised for your space.

If you should encounter any issues, professional help is but a call away. Singtel Home Priority plan subscribers will be given priority when they call the telco’s customer service hotline for issues related to their Internet plans. If on-site assistance is needed, a technician will visit your residence within two hours if you call between 9am and 6pm.

This is what the future of Internet should feel like: Blazing fast, effortlessly seamless and ready to support the entire household, no matter how big it may be.

Gain access to seamless connections with Singtel Priority Plans.