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One app, total control: LG ThinQ delivers the smart home experience that’s right for you

Unify your appliances and take control, while letting smart algorithms optimise routines.

One app, total control: LG ThinQ delivers the smart home experience that’s right for you

With LG ThinQ, there’s no need to fumble between apps or troubleshoot your way through a hierarchy of settings. Photos: LG

Smart technology has elevated home routines with one-touch controls and automation, such as the ability to activate appliances with simple voice commands. But the smart home experience can be a fragmented one.

Sometimes, gadgets simply refuse to talk to your voice assistants. There are also times when you don’t want to activate things with your voice. Hollering just to dim your smart lighting in the middle of a hushed movie scene doesn’t sound ... smart. Add to that the need to install a dozen different apps on your phone and you’ve got yourself a muddled mishmash of splintered systems.

The LG ThinQ app gives users a seamless way to control their smart home. Its open integration means you can unify your gadgets and appliances using one free application.


LG ThinQ unifies over 150 services – including Google Assistant – and streamlines the user experience by minimising clicks and swipes. Those who juggle several control apps on their phone will appreciate this frictionless user experience.

There’s no need to fumble between apps or troubleshoot your way through a hierarchy of settings just to make one adjustment. More importantly, you can now group appliances by routine, such as turning on both air purifier and air conditioner when you want to be on Fresh Air Mode, or ensuring all appliances are switched off with a single click in Vacation Mode. Plus, there are settings grouped by the rooms the smart appliances are in, which is particularly useful in larger homes.

Tech support’s also a more straightforward affair when there’s just one app to consult. Is the helper a little lost with the washer settings for those baby clothes while you’re at the office? Have her consult the ThinQ app for it to recommend and set the ideal settings. Is Grandma finding the tiny buttons on the TV remote a pain to use? Click into the digital version on the phone to easily tweak volume, power and more.

With a centralised app, a smart home truly fulfils its promise of convenience.


Designed to enhance your lifestyle, you can expect ThinQ to support your needs intelligently.

With Content Mirroring, content on your phone can be cast onto the TV, letting you watch those YouTube tutorials easily as you work out in the living room, or allowing more to join in on a video call. Need to whip up a frozen dessert or churn ice for a party in a jiffy? Tap into Express Freeze to lower your freezer temperature pronto.

No matter where you are, the LG ThinQ app keeps your appliances at your fingertips. When you’re out, use Monitoring to track the status of any appliance in the system, such as that laundry load in the washer.

A smart home, however, isn’t just about linking controls. The very premise of smartness is for machine learning to observe the user’s behaviour and optimise processes, sometimes invisibly in the background.

One of the ways LG ThinQ does this is through energy efficiency. With always-on appliances like refrigerators, it’s impractical to switch them off. By studying your usage patterns, the app is able to adjust the energy consumption of appliances intelligently. For example, at night when everyone’s sleeping, a fridge needs less cooling power while it stays closed, so LG ThinQ will lower the compressor power settings during those hours*. Smart technology meets the needs of its users by understanding them.


When new appliances are installed, LG ThinQ will observe and ensure their proper set-up, including checks on performance for items such as dryers and refrigerators.

Appliances sometimes act up over time. A bit of maintenance can therefore really help with longevity. LG ThinQ monitors your appliances and alerts you if something is wrong, letting you rectify issues before things degrade further.

With the Smart Diagnosis feature^, the app can also help you troubleshoot hiccups and recommend solutions, all without you having to pore through a thick (and likely misplaced) manual.

With its commitment to delivering a unified user experience, LG ThinQ is indeed fulfilling the promise of smart home technology, without clutter.

Make your home smarter with the LG ThinQ app. Download it for free on iOS and Android.

*Applicable to newer models only.
^Applicable to selected models of home appliances products and air solutions products only.