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Open up infinite possibilities, with a bespoke approach to wine and chilled food storage

Luxurious living comes easy with the Samsung Bespoke Infinite Line’s premium features and sleek, timeless design.

Open up infinite possibilities, with a bespoke approach to wine and chilled food storage

The Bespoke Infinite Line boasts elegant exteriors in a shade aptly named Timeless Greige, which cloaks sleek black metal interiors illuminated by tunnel lighting. Photos: Samsung

Those who know their Beluga from their Sevruga and their champagne from their sparkling wine – and have firm opinions on which they prefer – will also know that the right home appliances work wonders to elevate one’s lifestyle.

A humming, vibrating wine cellar can be acutely distracting, and so can a dull, sludge-grey fridge that looms unattractively in the kitchen.

Now, Samsung’s very first premium Bespoke Infinite Line of digital home appliances aims to complement your lifestyle with beautiful design, human-centric functions and premium materials. 

Comprising a wine cellar, fridge and freezer, the line – proudly made in Korea – is designed as modular components that can stand alone or be combined to match your needs. After all, your home should reflect your taste, style and personality, and this is where the Bespoke Infinite Line shines.


The Samsung Bespoke Infinite Line’s wine cellar – the brand’s first in Singapore – goes beyond mere storage.

Durable natural oak wood racks are paired with a dedicated presentation zone to allow your most prized bottles to stand out, while a triple-glass door offers protection from the detrimental impact of UV rays on the taste, smell and appearance of wine.

In humid Singapore, oxidation can cause wine to lose vibrancy in both flavour and colour. Thankfully, Samsung’s Bespoke Infinite Line wine cellar maintains humidity levels in the ideal range to prevent spoilage. It also has a triple-temperature zone that ensures that every vintage – whether it’s a full-bodied Bordeaux or a crisp Sauvignon Blanc – is preserved at the optimum temperature.

The cellar, which holds up to 101 standard bottles, is whisper-quiet at 35dB and touts an ultra-low vibration level of 1.7mg, so you don’t have to be concerned about vibration disturbing sediment in the bottle or spawning complex chemical reactions that dull flavours.

For those whose wine collections are getting a little out of hand, the SmartThings app’s Smart Wine Storage tool catalogues your collection with photos and notes, helping you to manage your inventory more efficiently. You’ll also get handy food pairing recommendations to go with your glass of vino.


When it comes to everyday appliances like a fridge and freezer, it’s the little details that add up to a truly luxurious experience.

The Bespoke Infinite Line boasts elegant exteriors in a shade aptly named Timeless Greige, which cloaks sleek black metal interiors illuminated by inviting tunnel lighting. The high-gloss metallic finish isn’t just meant to blend with your home’s aesthetic; it’s also made with scratch- and dent-resistant aluminium. Accentuated with distinct copper-edged frames, the fridge and freezer are reminiscent of the avant-garde chillers found in high-end bars and Michelin-decorated restaurants. A hands-free touch sensor lets you open the fridge door with ease.

Samsung’s Black Metal Cooling technology retains cool air evenly throughout the fridge, ensuring that your products remain as fresh as possible. Plus, a UV deodorising filter eliminates unpleasant odours – so that foods prone to absorbing smells in the fridge can taste the way they should when served. 

Located within the hygienic environment of the fridge is a BPA-free, 1.4L autofill water pitcher with a built-in infuser, so you can enjoy a chilled, filtered glass of cucumber- or lemon-infused water any time you wish.

The fridge’s large-capacity drawers and flexible sliding shelf are a boon, allowing you to adjust the space exactly as you need it. Your seven-layer rainbow cake slides right in, alongside modest tubs of chopped vegetables and cut fruits.

Whether you’re having pan-fried cod or braised wagyu short ribs, the flex pantry – an independently controlled drawer – will keep your produce, meat and fish at the right storage temperature for peak freshness and flavour.

Similarly, the single-door freezer features precise cooling technology, so that your gelato keeps its creamy texture and your frozen collagen broth maintains its umami flavour.

Cocktail and spirits aficionados understand that having the right kind of ice matters. The freezer’s dual auto ice maker provides regular cubed ice and whisky ball ice – perfect for keeping the drinks flowing, and the party going.

All the products in the Bespoke Infinite Line have been built to sit flush with your cabinetry, with minimal gaps in between for a seamless built-in look. They’ll last throughout all the parties, gatherings and day-to-day indulgences, too: Samsung is offering customers a 20-year warranty on the digital inverter compressor, which minimises energy use, wear and tear, and noise in the appliances.

Just as the Samsung Bespoke Infinite Line fits seamlessly into your home’s aesthetics, it’ll blend into your daily routine and enrich it with infinite possibilities – for a bespoke way of living.