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Rediscover the joy of a good break with artisanal coffee from L’Or Espresso

The French maker reminds us why coffee, like art, is best appreciated slowly.

Rediscover the joy of a good break with artisanal coffee from L’Or Espresso

Let L’Or Espresso reinvigorate the coffee rituals of today. Photos: L’Or Espresso

With loaded checklists and stretched calendars, the urban rituals one takes are often focused on taking us through the day more efficiently. But sometimes, they lull us into a state of emotional stagnancy. Every action becomes rote and over time, uninspiring.

The daily cuppa is one example. Whether it’s a morning kickstart or a mid-day perk, many of us have adopted the habit to keep our day going. But its repetitious nature, combined with mediocre coffee, has made us forget the joy of a good cup and a real break.

With their street-facing cafes and easy pace of life, the French can teach us a thing or two about being present while enjoying a hot cup of coffee. Like approaching art, they take their time to savour what’s in front of them. French coffee maker L’Or Espresso, with its quality beans that tout intense flavour profiles, aims to conjure up these same moments of thoughtful pause and unbridled enjoyment.


Different regions produce coffee with a wide spectrum of taste profiles.

L’Or Espresso was founded in France in 1992. A burgeoning audience and the desire to share its approach to coffee artistry found the brand looking past its borders in 2010. Using mostly arabica beans for their intricate characteristics, L’Or presents a palette of bold and intense coffee profiles that coaxes the drinker away from the world’s many distractions. The brand is also known for finishing its brews with a rich crema – a seductive flourish to a satisfying cup.

“By understanding the origin’s impacts on flavour, it allows us to find the taste that we're looking for,” explained coffee artist Judith de Boer. “Blending is about sourcing the flavours from the world. Every country, every region, every farm, and even within the same farm, you have unique characteristics.”

With 13 years of experience under her belt, de Boer has lent her expertise to help L’Or develop its offerings – a collection of coffee capsules, whole beans and instant mixes, all known for their complex profiles. “It’s about working with all these wonderful flavours and artfully layering them into a masterpiece in taste,” she said.

The Onyx, for one, is the brand’s most intense. Available as beans or in pure aluminium capsules (to preserve the authentic characteristics of the coffee), the resulting brew is a bold and spicy blend with a nice bite from mildly bitter cocoa.

Within the Origins collection that highlights single-origin coffee, the Columbia has made a successful launch in the last quarter of 2021. Its appeal lies in a “very rich taste, with caramel and cocoa fragrances” for a memorable imprint of the lush tropical country.


Expect delicious blends thanks to a dedicated team of coffee artists at L'Or. 

At L’Or, a team of coffee artists oversees the quality of the beans and helps identify over 800 aromas from the beans. By injecting periods of cupping – smelling and tasting the coffee – throughout the roasting process, the coffee artists are able to design blends that are deliciously evocative through meticulous fine-tuning. Coupled with the expertise of the in-house master roaster, the makers achieve a consistent quality that makes for a tantalising cup every time.   

The range also invites exploration. “You should see coffee as food. You don't eat the same things every day. You don’t go to the same restaurant every day,” said L’Or coffee artist Roland Brouwer, who boasts 32 years of experience. “Try different blends and try different moments of drinking. This way, you develop your palate.”

L’Or’s exceptional quality ensures a rich discovery every time, but there are also tips to make for a better sampling. For an enhanced development of the aromas, pick stoneware, earthenware or porcelain vessels instead of glass or metal cups. Pre-heating your cups can also allow for slower heat dissipation, resulting in a smoother course of fragrance development as the drink cools. Before you sip, stir the coffee to even out and align the aromas, then take a small drink and swirl it around the mouth for five to 10 seconds to fully capture the many traits.

“Challenge yourself, surprise yourself, and then create your own palate,” said Brouwer. “We have created so many different taste profiles that there is a coffee for everyone.”


The Essenso instant premix range with 1 per cent micro-ground coffee makes for a convenient pick-me-up. 

No capsule machine or coffee-making apparatus on hand? No problem. L’Or includes the Essenso range in its portfolio of coffee offerings, and maintains the same precision and commitment to taste and quality in these convenient premixes.

The key here is the inclusion of micro-grounds made from the same beans to ensure that deep aromatic profile and a smooth, even cup. It allows for the Brazilian Elegance 3-in-1 to unfold its velvety cocoa sweetness, and the Columbian Mystique 2-in-1 to present a roasted brightness that comes from the arabica beans.

Given today’s climate of nomadic work environments, the L’Or Essenso keeps coffee connoisseurs satisfied, and preserves its outstanding commitment to quality from harvest to roast.   

Experience a deeper emotion. Have a cup of L’Or, available in whole beans, capsules and instant mixes.