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Reiri for Home: Customised control for ultimate convenience at home

Daikin’s smart home solution allows you to manage household devices and appliances with a single command – so you can relax in comfort.

Reiri for Home: Customised control for ultimate convenience at home

Manage your comfort, security, energy and lifestyle needs with Reiri for Home. Photo: Daikin

Imagine coming home after a long, hot commute from work. You unlock your door with your smartphone and step into a living room already cooled to the perfect temperature. Looking to unwind after dinner? A simple voice command draws the curtains and dims the lights, setting the scene for a perfect movie night in the comfort of home.

Daikin’s Reiri for Home makes all that a reality, in one easy-to-use interface. The smartphone app lets you control various devices and appliances remotely, and pre-programme settings to suit your needs. It even provides energy consumption insights, monitors indoor air quality and manages your home security, from digital locks to smoke detectors and surveillance cameras. 


Reiri for Home’s smart remote controller function gives Daikin’s wide range of air-conditioning solutions a much-welcomed upgrade.

Forgot to switch off the air-con? Or wish to turn it on before you return home? In addition to being able to adjust your air-conditioning wherever you are, you can enjoy Reiri’s fuss-free smart monitoring that offers peace of mind. No more rushing back home to check if you’ve left the air-conditioning on by accident.

Additionally, Reiri for Home alerts you of poor air quality so you can quickly activate the air purifier for your loved ones at home – even when you’re away. Daikin’s Streamer Air Purifier uses patented Streamer Technology that removes up to 99.9 per cent of bacteria, allergens, pollen and influenza viruses, according to in-lab tests. Paired with the app, you can now ensure that your family is protected from harmful air pollutants at home.


For full control over your household’s safety, integrate your home’s smart digital lock, surveillance cameras, door and window sensors and even smoke detectors with Reiri.

See who’s at the door using your video doorbell and audio intercom system. Welcome visitors remotely  or check on your kids and pets through the surveillance camera view, all on the app. If the smoke detector is activated, you’ll receive a prompt on your phone.

For families with elderly members, Reiri can prove useful in monitoring motion sensors designed for their safety. The Reiri for Home system can be integrated with motion sensors that detect light, climate and movement changes that trigger pre-set scenes – such as brighter lighting – and keep an eye on the home status of your loved ones.


Utilities bill going up? Keep track of electricity usage and monitor your household’s energy consumption with Reiri for Home. The app’s Home Energy Management System offers useful insights into your energy consumption patterns (such as how much electricity is used monthly by children or tenants), enabling you to make changes that can lower bills and boost your home’s sustainability efforts.

You can also transform ordinary electrical outlets into smart switch outlets with the Smart Plug-in Switch. This means you’ll be able to control each plugged-in smart device remotely, measure the device’s energy consumption, as well as turn it off and on using Reiri.


Reiri for Home makes your home smarter when it comes to fulfilling your lifestyle needs, hands-free. All it takes is a little time to programme your favourite settings for specific occasions.

Besides automating when your curtains are drawn closed or opened, Reiri allows you to switch your lights on and off, adjust the level of brightness and activate the pre-set lighting scene of your choice through the app.

Laze away the weekend with the Home Scene, or if you’re heading out, leave a welcoming light on with the Away Scene. Movie night is made complete with – you guessed it – the Movie Scene, and bedtime gets extra cosy with the Night Scene. Each scene is activated with just a single touch on your app or via voice command.

With Reiri for Home, you can manage your comfort, security, energy and lifestyle needs – all in the palm of your hand.

To learn more about Reiri for Home, visit or drop by your nearest Daikin Proshop dealer.