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Singapore’s first appliance subscription platform, Levande by Electrolux, makes life easy for residential landlords

The pay-as-you-use model ensures that your rental property's appliances are not only cutting-edge, but always in good working order.

Singapore’s first appliance subscription platform, Levande by Electrolux, makes life easy for residential landlords

With Levande, purchasing, maintaining and servicing appliances does not have to be a time-consuming burden for landlords. Photos: Electrolux

The reopening of borders, coupled with Singapore’s increasing competitive edge, has seen a burgeoning pool of expats flood the local property rental market.

While this pent-up demand is proving a boon for landlords, it also means rental properties need to be move-in-ready fast to make the most of this opportunity. The process usually entails a top-to-bottom sprucing up of living spaces and ensuring that the property’s white goods are in good working condition.

Whether it’s an essential item like a refrigerator or vacuum cleaner, or a nice-to-have add-on like an air purifier, purchasing, maintaining and servicing appliances is often a time-consuming burden for landlords. Recognising this challenge, Electrolux is helping to streamline the process with the launch of Levande, a one-stop appliance subscription service.


Operating on a pay-as-you-use model, Levande gives property owners access to its latest household range.

Thanks to its flexible and customisable plans, customers can effortlessly scale up or down their appliance needs. And with the life cycle of appliances growing shorter, a subscription like Levande means one can upgrade to newer, more advanced models at any point in time. 

By introducing the latest and greatest tech during your tenant’s stay or changing an appliance every two years after a rental contract is up, it makes your property that much more attractive to renters.


Wear and tear of appliances, especially those used regularly, is inevitable. For landlords, having to schedule the right time for a repairman to visit while the tenant is home can be challenging.

Levande takes some of that pain away, with scheduled maintenance and a guarantee that you will not be charged to repair or replace the appliances if they develop a manufacturing defect. Even better, a like-for-like replacement will be provided if the repairmen requires a longer time to troubleshoot.


If you’re just starting out on your first rental property, there’s a good chance much of your capital has already gone to securing the down payment on the home, as well as covering the cost of the monthly mortgage. Add to that the high expense of appliances and you might find yourself saddled with hefty capital investments from the get-go.

An appliance subscription service means that your outgoings can be spread across the year, allowing for better control of your cash flow.


When tenants change, appliances are often switched out as well. Singapore generates a whopping 60,000 tonnes of e-waste each year, equivalent to discarding about 70 mobile phones per person. It’s a threat to our environment and our health, as harmful substances such as cadium and lead may leech into the earth and waterways over time.

With a pay-as-you-use subscription model, less wastage is created as older appliances are refurbished, repurposed and disposed of safely by Electrolux, creating longer appliance life cycles.

It helps that Electrolux’s suite of appliances is already built with sustainability in mind. For example, its Ultimate Care laundry series of washing machines, which won the Singapore Good Design award this year, is rated with four ticks for water efficiency.

The outlook for the property market in the next year or two may be volatile, but with Levande, you can rest assured that the flexibility is there when it comes to your appliances.  

Deck your rental property with the latest appliances through a Levande subscription – a smart solution that is better for you, better for your tenant and better for the planet.