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A sip into your new lifestyle: Auchentoshan invites satisfying micro moments

The triple-distilled single malt whisky is personality in a glass.

A sip into your new lifestyle: Auchentoshan invites satisfying micro moments

Born of the city, Auchentoshan hits a little different. Visuals: Mediacorp

There the laptop’s shut and the day is yours. It’s time to claim some well-earned moments for yourself. You might want to sit back and sip a refreshing beverage, or get ready for that long-awaited gathering with your besties over drinks. Whatever the occasion, finding that ideal tipple companion is gold.

As one of the few triple-distilled single malt whiskies in the world, Auchentoshan is briskly erasing the traditional image of only all-too-serious chaps in suits enjoying the delicious spirit. One can say the brand is a product of its origins: Being unconventionally based in the outskirts of Glasgow, an open-minded cultural melting pot of a city, the Scotch whisky absorbs its pulse, and what emerges is an exceptionally silky and delicate drink that resonates with the inclusive urbanite lifestyle.

The easy-to-drink whisky finds itself brightening moments with its amiable nature, as it makes its way into today’s everyday occasions while raising moods from congenial to convivial. And being triple-distilled makes Auchentoshan super smooth and versatile, much like the vibrant, colourful personalities the city creates.


Some call him the quietly clever one the ambitious student of life who enthusiastically inhales episodes of podcasts as part of his learning diet. This guy has TED talks for breakfast and fuels his moments of epiphanies with the Auchentoshan 18 Years (with soda). With a nose of fresh tobacco leaf and a hint of caramel, green tea and almond, the mature single malt uplifts with barley sweetness. The zesty whisky lingers like the revelations, much like the fizz on the tongue after every sip. 


With a mind suited to rediscover and rethink, is it any wonder Auron enjoys exploring new territory and participating in visionary projects? If you’re looking to bounce off ideas, you can’t go wrong asking this friendly prodigy. His adventurous spirit has made him an early adopter in the crypto space, and when the market goes sharply green, he marks his wins with a satisfying neat the deep colour from the 18 years as golden as the Au in his name. 


If you find Chen familiar, it might be because you’ve seen her in the skies before. After flying with a local carrier for 15 years, the former air attendant is now more focused on her small resin jewellery business, and her e-shop’s receiving quite some healthy attention.


Maybe it’s all the mindful meditation that lets her make clear-headed design decisions. Or maybe it’s the Instagrammable wall of plants she nurtures and uses for her business social media marketing that is garnering attention. Either way, the online love allows the trendy entrepreneur to take time off and have her intimate cocktail parties with friends.

The free-spirited lass favours the Auchentoshan Three Wood to create her cocktails like Bucky largely because the non-age statement whisky is full of character and aged in three different casks (Pedro Ximénez Sherry casks, bourbon casks and Oloroso Sherry casks). The complex profile of blackcurrant, brown sugar, orange, plum and raisin makes for a great cocktail base, and when paired with ginger ale and lemon, becomes a drink that quenches the soul.


Some have commented he gives off “golden retriever vibes”, and they’re not wrong. Korean language teacher Toni is as affable as they come, always eager to share and help his students at the private school, to the point he overextends at times.


But if anyone knows how to let off some steam, it’s Toni, and he frequently does so by rounding up his singing pals for a session at the family karaoke lounge. The versatile nature of song selection becomes a cathartic release for the expressive teacher, as he takes on hits ranging from Happy to Creep. To keep those vocals lubricated, Toni orders the Auchentoshan 12 Years with water and ice. The single malt scotch entertains the nose with creme brulee and citrus, as well as signature nuttiness and leafiness, before it goes down smoothly as a sweet, satisfying whisky just like his voice, Toni thinks. 

If you were to ask the present company, they would admit Toni’s actually average in singing, but for whatever he lacks vocally, Toni makes up with his enthusiasm. His secret talent? Shockingly good impressions of trending K-pop boyband idols.


This social media executive is always on the run from point A to B. If you were to catch Shanti midway, you’ll see a vivacious, street-stylish girl with knowledge of the latest viral trend at her fingertips. But once she kicks off those limited-edition sneakers, there’s nothing that soothes her better than some nostalgic classics. Just ask her parrot the pet has a fondness for The Cranberries.


Just as contrasting as her day, Shanti pairs her schedule with two very different whiskies. To keep her buzz going through the day, the Auchentoshan 12 Years is mixed conveniently with cold water almost like an invigorating long black really and this way, she can enjoy a golden brew that finishes gingery, and slightly clean and dry. After dark, she prefers the Auchentoshan 18 Years for its decadent flavours  grassy, fresh and tangy, with a deep nose. It’s in those moments she can cheerfully look at her body of work and go: Cheers to life.

Auchentoshan is available at all good liquor and whisky stores, as well as premium bars. You can also find Auchentoshan at Cold Storage, GetIt by Changi Recommends and iShopChangi.