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Spread irrepressible holiday cheer with the new collections from Danish jeweller Pandora

Starry night skies, a reindeer or two, and a certain princess will make any heart sparkle. Brought to you by Pandora

Spread irrepressible holiday cheer with the new collections from Danish jeweller Pandora

End the year on a sparkling note. Photos: Pandora

When thinking of Christmas and the festive year-end season, we are reminded of presents and decorations, parties and shopping. With the limitations of 2020, we’ve downsized our feastings and meetings, but there’s nothing to stop us from celebrating what counts – the joy of telling our loved ones how much we appreciate them.

And as we return to one another’s company, we bring a burst of delight with the gifts we picked – each a symbol of our thought and love.

Jeweller Pandora has often stoked fascination and emotive moments in its exquisite baubles, with charms that feature intricate details. Just in time for the season, Pandora has released a series of new collections that invoke festive vibes, and provide a sparkling note to the year.


The things that capture us are always timeless – family, love and fond memories with friends and loved ones created from time shared together. For something symbolic that’s just as evergreen, look towards Pandora’s new pieces from its Timeless collection.

While others place a star on their trees, wear yours upon your wrist. Pandora’s pulls upon the blanket of the night sky, and adds its mystical blue to the Celestial Blue Sparkling Stars Charm. Or if you wish to present the universe on a bauble, the Openwork Star Constellations Charm in sterling silver or Pandora Rose is a glittering network that is hard to resist.

For other shiny picks, the Sparkling Snowflake series is nature’s blossom made of ice, available as a charm, ring or earrings for someone just as unique.  And for that everlasting expression of love, the heart motif is accentuated this season with design elevations and bright emphasis. For the Sparkling Levelled Hearts charm, levels of pavé halos add dimension and depth to the symbol. The Sparkling Elevated Heart ring, necklace and stud earrings also highlight the central sparkle with a raised setting.

And to warm the hearts of your family, the  Family Tree Heart designs are a beautiful nod to your heritage. A graceful tree is outlined by a heart, then finished in twinkling tones of yellow or pink to define your shiny legacy.


There’s no stroke of midnight to break this dream. Featuring classic icons and characters from Disney’s Cinderella, Pandora adds a 10-piece capsule collection for the iconic princess who celebrates her 70th birthday this year.

Helping us manifest the magic are her adorable assistants, Gus and Suzy mouse, who lend cheer to the princess story with their cheeky smiles. As for the magnificent ride, it’s encapsulated by the Disney Cinderella Sparkling Carriage Charm in Pandora Rose crowned by an astounding 80 micro brilliant-cut cubic zirconia, or the Midnight Pumpkin version, dense with details like a clock striking midnight, a mouse and a crown.

And of course for that iconic representation, the Disney Cinderella Magical Moment Dangle Charm completes the tale, complete with blue stone pavé encircling her. Accompany her with story mates in the Trio Silver Gift Set, or go for a pretty carriage-themed necklace and earrings in the Pumpkin Set. However you tell this tale, it remains an enchanting one.


Allude to the season with traditional symbols of Christmas and add in some charms that really celebrate the year-end feels. With their bright accents of red and green, no one can accuse you of not arriving in festive colours.

There’s the Seated Santa Claus & Present Charm where our favourite gifting grandpa guards a precious box, and a Red Nose Reindeer Charm waiting patiently to send him on his errand. The intricate Glitter Christmas Tree Charm is especially striking, especially when coupled with the new rethink on the snake chain bracelet, with a textured T-bar clasp for an elegant finish.

Round off the year with brilliance and charm, with the new collections from Pandora.