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Taking a leaf from Mother Nature: When a mother’s love has the power to create, nourish and nurture

Social media celebrity mums share how they express their love for their little ones, and what motherhood has taught them. Brought to you by illuma.

Taking a leaf from Mother Nature: When a mother’s love has the power to create, nourish and nurture

Ms Tiffany Primalia Goutama, an IT entrepreneur, is a firm believer of words of affirmation when it comes to communicating with her daughter Bella. Photo: Tiffany Primalia Goutama

What comes to mind when we think of Mother Nature? We think of an unstoppable force that creates, nourishes and nurtures, giving hope, life and love. 

Like Mother Nature, a mother’s love and her ability to create, nourish and nurture profoundly impacts her child. This is something that mums, Ms Tiffany Primalia Goutama and Ms Sharon Tang, are well aware of.

They have gone to great lengths to ensure their little ones grow well, from providing quality nourishment to ensuring they get sufficient sleep.

However, motherhood is not just about meeting the child’s physical needs. Ms Tang, mum to 20-month-old twins Scarlett and Sovereign, pointed out that a mother’s love also nurtures and nourishes her child’s emotional needs.

“It means giving my children unconditional love, understanding, acceptance and making time for them,” said Ms Tang, a homemaker in her early 40s. 

Ms Goutama said children are dependent on their mothers, especially during their  formative years. Her daughter Bella is turning three, while her younger child, Joseph, is nine months old.

The 33-year-old IT entrepreneur shared: “Our children’s world revolves around us. It’s up to us, as mothers, to provide them with a sense of assurance and safety because at this early age, they are forming social attachments and learning how the world works.”

“I firmly believe that if children receive love and assurance from their parents in their formative years, they will grow up to become confident adults and contribute to society,” she added.


Ms Sharon Tang feels that spending quality time is her way of showing love for her 20-month-old twins Sovereign and Scarlett. Photo: Sharon Tang

When complications arose during the third trimester of Ms Tang’s pregnancy, it was her love for her unborn babies that kept her going.

Diagnosed with preeclampsia at 34 weeks of pregnancy, Ms Tang did all she could to ensure that she carried her babies to full term. Preeclampsia is a dangerous condition where the pregnant woman develops high blood pressure, protein in the urine and swelling of the legs, feet and hands.

Today, Scarlett and Sovereign are growing up healthy and strong, supported by quality nutrition and a generous dose of love from their parents.

“Looking at them now, I feel everything was worth it. Whenever they give me a smile and call me ‘mama’, that feeling is amazing,” Ms Tang said.

“Before the kids came along, everything felt more carefree. Now, whatever we do revolves around the children. Despite that, I feel complete – I’ve found my larger purpose in life,” she added.

Likewise, Ms Goutama’s unconditional love for her toddler and baby has powered her through the past year, which has been challenging for the young mum. She and her family have mostly been sheltering in the Philippines the past year due to COVID-19.

“As a mother, you have to show up for your child every day. You want to give your best every single day no matter how you feel,” said the Singapore permanent resident.

“I think motherhood has brought out the strength in me. I did not realise how strong I could be until I had my kids – when I had to step up as a nurturer, as a mother who gives nourishment and life,” she continued.

Ms Goutama said while motherhood may sometimes appear effortless on social media, a great deal of work goes on behind the scenes.

“For example, if your child is waking up five times a night and you barely get any sleep, how do you push through that? I feel that motherhood is also about grit,” she said.


A picturesque day out by the sea provides precious bonding moments for Ms Goutama and Bella. Photo: Tiffany Primalia Goutama

Illustrating the striking similarities between Mother Nature and a mother, Ms Goutama said both provide for and nourish their offspring.

“Mother Nature provides for us so freely. Similarly, as mothers, there is no limit to the care we give our children,” she explained.

In the past year, both mums have learnt to appreciate the sights, smells and sounds of Mother Nature with their children.

For instance, Ms Goutama makes it a point to bring her children to the beach whenever she can.

“The kids really love it. Every time we bring them to the beach, they are always so happy to be in a vast space, to breathe the fresh air and to see other living creatures,” she said.

Scarlett and Sovereign enjoy being out in green spaces on family outings. Photo: Sharon Tang

Ms Tang said nature walks at Labrador Park – a five-minute-walk from their home – are now a regular family affair. The twins love going to the playground and watching the chickens at the park run around.

“These nature walks are very therapeutic and also remind me that life is not a race or competition. In this modern world with all its stresses, I hope to be that gentle guiding force for my children,” she said.  


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