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Time to fulfil those new year fitness resolutions with the Huawei Watch GT 3

From first steps to personal records, this new smartwatch helps you achieve your aspirations in more ways than one.

Time to fulfil those new year fitness resolutions with the Huawei Watch GT 3

The Huawei Watch GT 3 is akin to a personal trainer round the clock, whether it’s to get you to kick off that jogging, cycling or swimming goal. Photos: Huawei

When it comes to new year resolutions, it can sometimes feel like it’s a running joke to make a list and not complete it. But actually, what you need is simply the right motivation and companion.

Huawei understands that watches tell the time, but smart watches can pace your life. With its latest Watch GT 3, the multinational technology company is bringing updated features to inspire healthier lifestyles and keep fitness enthusiasts at the top of their game. Good timing? Definitely, if you’re looking to calibrate yourself for a fitter, happier 2022. 


As anyone who has ever tried to adopt an active lifestyle can testify, the road to good intentions is paved with under-utilised gym memberships and dusty fitness gadgets shoved guiltily away in cupboards.

Successful utility often comes with convenience, and Huawei finds the answer to motivation right on the wrist. The Huawei Watch GT 3 combines the functions of a smartwatch with a sports watch and traditional timepiece, bringing together the usually fragmented routines into one integrated lifestyle.
To have a design that fulfills these facets, the makers chose a high-gloss AMOLED glass screen that runs flush with the polished stainless steel case for a timeless elegance that still supports durable utility. The generous 46mm model exudes bold luxury with an angled bezel while the 42mm features a 3D curved glass that gives a water-like glow. Paired with interchangeable straps like the all-purpose black fluoroelastomer, brown or white leather, stainless steel and gold Milanese options, the Huawei Watch GT 3 looks the part in every setting.

But the secret to really locking in those resolutions lies with the device’s workout modes, which number more than a hundred. When you have an intelligent template to help you design your own active lifestyle on your wrist, it makes all the difference. The watch is akin to a personal trainer round the clock, whether it’s to get you to kick off that jogging, cycling or swimming goal. Coupled with intelligent workout plans that evolve with your personal performance assessment, it inspires users at every fitness level – rewarding seasoned sports enthusiasts and newbies alike with a reliable routine. 



For those who’ve found their footing but are looking to push their boundaries, they’ll find the Huawei Watch GT 3 a nifty assistant that will allow for dedicated focus on the chosen activity.

Cyclists, for example, will benefit from the precise route navigation offered by the dual-band global navigation satellite system (GNSS), so they can concentrate on covering distance rather than be distracted by turns. Runners, too, will enjoy the same, with an additional AI Running Coach included to spur on that pace.

The expanded workout menu includes new modes to encapsulate the ever-growing range of sporting activities, including those for golfing, skipping and even Kendo. Seasoned experts can set aspirational goals easily via the Huawei Health app, tweaking distance, time and calories to shape 2022 as a year for breaking personal records.  
The watch also links to different sports equipment and apps to collate your health and fitness data like heart rate, while evaluating the results. Whether you’re on the treadmill or rowing machine, this info will aid you in setting clear and realistic goals, powering you through your regime.

All throughout your workouts, you’ll barely feel that the watch is there. The scratch-resistant watch body has a slim profile of 11mm and below, with the 42mm model weighing in at just 35g and the 46mm at 42.6g. A fresh intuitive interface lets you quickly access the functions you need, delivered on a high pixel density touchscreen with customisable watch faces for every occasion.

What’s more, the Huawei Watch GT 3 boasts up to 14 days’ worth of battery life on the 46mm and seven days for the 42mm, so your daily routine doesn’t have to be about charging.



It’s funny how we tend to forget the cornerstones to better health. Drinking water, taking short breaks, eating well – all these are fundamental to a better lifestyle. Huawei brings in a holistic approach to the Huawei Watch GT 3 with programmable all-day reminders and tracking capabilities to give you comprehensive analytics for a complete health picture. 
Recovery is just as important as your training. To reap the full benefits of your body’s improvements, the watch includes a highly-sensitive sleep quality monitoring module to measure your rest. The upgraded hardware – featuring eight photosensors (instead of the previous four) and Fresnel film for reduced signal interference – enhances the accuracy of Truseen 5.0+, Huawei’s native heart rate monitoring system. With a new curved rear case that better hugs your wrists, the monitoring module also measures blood oxygen levels with better precision.

Need regular nudges to stay on the right track? The Healthy Living Shamrock tool within the Watch GT 3 chimes positive reminders to reinforce your health goals, using delightful visual indicators to help you take a mindful pause, clinch a health challenge or notify you that it’s time to take on your new fulfilling exercise routine. 


Get inspired and find your new pace of life with the Huawei Watch GT 3, available at all Huawei authorised stores, consumer electronic stores including Best Denki, Challenger, COURTS, Gain City, iShopChangi, as well as official online stores on Lazada and Shopee

Every purchase of the Huawei Watch GT 3 comes with a complimentary pair of Huawei FreeLace wireless earphones worth S$98, while stocks last.