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Unbottle your style at 1855TBS’ Wine & Whisky Week and discover five fascinating alter egos

Singapore’s largest wine and whisky event is creating bottled dimensions to let you discover your liquid alter ego. Will you resonate with the Kung Fu Girl, or maybe sing a song of fire and ice? Brought to you by 1855 The Bottle Shop

Unbottle your style at 1855TBS’ Wine & Whisky Week and discover five fascinating alter egos

Discover the five families of wines and spirits that offer a fun peep into your inner psyche. Photos: 1855 The Bottle Shop

Forget Briggs Myers and those Rorschach ink blots. 1855 The Bottle Shop has a creative and fresh method to define your personality – with booze.

Find your perfect match at Wine & Whisky Week, happening Nov 6 to 17 at Suntec City East Atrium Level 1. Themed ‘Unbottle Your Style’, the event plays up a spectrum of over 500 wines and spirits in a vibrant and multi-sensory festival with all-day complimentary tasting, interactive spaces, Instagram-friendly zones and tons of giveaways. Admission is free.

Using diverse wine and whisky profiles as a palette, the wine and spirit retailer breaks it down into five distinct personalities, designed to help you unlock your alter ego in a bottle.

Fronted by one iconic bottle each that best represents the style, discover the five families of wines and spirits – from the edgy and provocative to the rustic and traditional – that offer a fun peep into your inner psyche.

Approach one of the friendly experts at Wine & Whisky Week and receive recommendations based on your personal drinking style, even if you’re just exploring for the first time. And what better way to get acquainted than with complimentary tastings of over 100 wines and spirits from France, Italy, Australia, Scotland, Japan and more?

The biannual signature event has been attracting loyal wine and spirits enthusiasts for its past editions, and this year’s theme continues to expand the winning recipe of new brand discoveries coupled with special event-only deals, in an engaging and immersive setting. You’ll also be one of the first in Singapore to experience the debut of award-winning labels from The Prisoner Wine Company, Charles Smith Wines and Castello di Monsanto, including several labels  that have ranked thrice in Wine Spectator’s Top 100 Wines of The Year.

Read on to find out what your liquid alter ego is.


The Prisoner Wine Company's edgy range debuting at Wine & Whisky Week includes The Snitch Chardonnay, The Prisoner Red Blend and The Derange Red Wine.

If you’re always thinking out of the box, and moving ahead of social norms, then this brand might resonate with you. Its name might be The Prisoner Wine Company, but you’ll find that it is more of a no-holds-barred business. Having created its first batch from a challenging harvest, the resulting blend of Zinfandel, Charbono and Petite Sirah proved to be a delicious hit. Nearly two decades later, The Prisoner’s formula has been sharpened to reach cult status, and is widely known as the iconic bottle that subverted Napa Valley conventions.

Making its Singapore debut at Wine & Whisky Week, The Prisoner Red Blend 2017 (California, USA) is inspired by the “mixed blacks” first made by the Italian immigrants who originally settled in California. The audacious nature of the red is as bold as it is sumptuous, recognised by a striking label of a Francisco Goya painting. This 1855 The Bottle Shop exclusive is for those who defy expectations and create their own rules, and as proclaimed on its website, one who “unravels conformity”.


Quirky wines by Charles Smith debuting at Wine & Whisky Week – Boom Boom Syrah, Kung Fu Girl Riesling and The Velvet Devil Merlot.

How would a sip of wine born from rock ‘n’ roll taste like? Just ask Charles Smith. If you’re very much about integrating hobby with work, you might embody his playful spirit. Smith might have been born an hour away from Napa Valley, but he got into the wine business only when he was in his 30s – right after being burnt out from managing rock bands.

His can-do ambition and free-spirited attitude is best exemplified by how he invested the last of his funds and produced 330 cases of K Syrah, processed in various locations. The heady red that he sold from the back of his van catapulted Smith to fame, winning him the title of Winemaker of the Year in 2009 and 2014, by publications Food & Wine Magazine and Wine Enthusiast, respectively.

Today, he applies his talented palate and knowledge of old-world winemaking techniques to his creations, with recipes that are uncannily spot-on. Born from the desire to create that perfect white wine to pair with Asian food, Kung Fu Girl Riesling (Washington, USA) is ready to knock your socks off as an unexpected dry white, and has ranked three times in Wine Spectator’s top 100. This 1855 The Bottle Shop exclusive, debuting in Singapore, is plenty of cheek in a bottle for those with good humour and taste.


If you find yourself appreciating lineage and heritage, then you just might be a traditionalist. Contemporary blends might be exciting but a classic wine has proven to stand the test of time. If you value a bottle that draws from heritage, Castello di Monsanto’s Chianti Classico Riserva DOCG 2015 (Tuscany, Italy) is your perfect match. Valuing the remarkable Sangiovese mouth feel, the bottle is 90 per cent of the grape, along with 10 per cent of Canaiolo and Colorino. It’s full-bodied and layered, rolling with aromas of plum, cherries and a hint of green olive, and is Castello di Monsanto’s legacy to the wine world.

Founder Fabrizio Bianchi pursues this dedication to winemaking as he was inspired by the wine passed down from his grandmother. And since 1960, the vintner has established a steady Italian classic known for its reliable quality and indulgent sip. The winery is now managed by Fabrizio’s daughter Laura, and the family tradition surely speaks to those with seasoned palates. The winery is the first in history to make a single vineyard cru in Chianti Classico. This debut in Singapore will appeal to those who love their measure of time, experience and dedication from a single vineyard in their glass.


Always experimenting and expressing yourself through a refined lens, maybe you’re the tastemaker with a polished sense? Head to where the sea meets the land, where Chateau Clarke stands. This resulting landscape has given the vineyard a terroir with potential – one that even though was held by the original Irish family for over two centuries, only came to excellence when Baron Edmond de Rothschild took over the estate. Restoring the neglected fields and replanting entire vineyards, the man cultivated Merlot – unlike the many Cabernet Sauvignon in the region – and designed a red deep and refined with distinctive Medoc character.

The Chateau Clarke 2011 exudes elegance with complexity. Ripe with a nose of fresh fruit and oak, the nuanced tingle of mint and liquorice comes with aeration. It’s a sophisticated bottle that starts off round and straightforward, before introducing a velvety journey finished with a fresh and acidic flourish.  


And here it comes. The whisky house of Johnnie Walker needs no introduction, but its latest limited-edition release has a loyal following as well. Continuing its successful partnership with HBO’s acclaimed Game of Thrones, Wine & Whisky Week will see the launch of two whiskies representing the legendary houses of Westeros – House Stark and House Targaryen. And if you’re as feisty and bold as the characters in the show, then these bottles can be your house emblem.

Emblazoned fiercely with the Direwolf and the Dragon, the two tell a tale of the two houses. A Song of Ice alludes to the icy North where the Starks hold reign, and at the heart of this blend are the single malts from Clynelish – aptly in the north of Scotland. It delivers a clean and crisp taste, not unlike the righteous family.

A Song of Fire bottles the fiery passion of House Targaryen, and keeps things rich and spicy, finished with a whiff of smokiness from the peated malts of the Caol Ila distillery. Paired together, the icy blue bottle and the carnelian flames from the other is a complete expression of the bold and beautiful.


So which paints your character the best? And how will they all taste like? Wine & Whisky Week promises you not only an encounter with all five through tastings, but a chance to capture a spirited selfie with your bottle style at the Instagram-friendly spaces.

Pick up your tasting passport and complete the Wine Walk to redeem shopping and dining vouchers and a nifty gift bag, then have a go at the sure-win lucky dip and score customised totes, potpourri pouches or wine glasses. Spend above S$400 and you may just walk away with a sleek Kadeka wine chiller. Wine & Whisky Week holds some of the most incredible deals with labels exclusive to 1855 The Bottle Shop, so it’s a perfect time to stock up before the holiday season for gifting or as a treat for yourself.

Wine & Whisky Week takes place at Suntec City East Atrium Level 1 from Nov 6 to 17, 11am to 10pm. On Nov 6, the event is closed for members only from 5pm to 9pm. Admission is free. Visit for details.