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When words are not enough: Love & Co. re-defines a symbol of love

Express your everlasting commitment with the Say Love diamond ring, which touts a classic round brilliant cut made unique with a heart in the middle.

When words are not enough: Love & Co. re-defines a symbol of love

Love & Co.'s Say Love diamond encapsulates the many milestones of a couple's beautiful journey together. Photos: Love & Co.

For centuries throughout history, men and women have expressed their romantic love for each other in an astonishing number of ways – with sweet whispers, displays of song and service, and offerings of gifts and baubles. But when a commitment is made, one singular object emerges as the symbol of eternal love – the diamond engagement ring. 

It’s hard to imagine another emblem just as enduring. What could possibly speak of one’s adoration and devotion in a universal way? For jewellery specialist Love & Co., it didn’t just arrive at the answer – it placed it in its diamonds, the Say Love collection.

The Love Journey Carita diamond ring from the Say Love collection makes for an ultimate declaration of love.


Since the late 1930s, the diamond ring has reigned as the symbol of commitment. While different cuts and carats have been offered as options, little has changed in its design since inception – until today.

Through precise and imaginative engineering, Love & Co. has created the Say Love diamond with a classic round brilliant cut made unique with a heart in the middle.

Every Say Love diamond reveals an iconic heart in the centre, a trademark of this patented cut.

With origins that go back even further than the diamond ring, the heart is an unmistakeable emblem of love. The Say Love diamond features a stunning heart facet right at the centre that is visible to the naked eye – whether you’re peering from the top or even along the gem’s pavilion (the lower half of the cut stone).

It’s a diamond like no other, one that elegantly alludes to a couple’s love. When slipped on the fourth finger of the left hand (long believed to have a vein that runs to the heart), it reinforces their precious connection. It’s a diamond given with intent, representing the handing over of the giver’s heart and extolling the idea of two becoming one.

With its iconic heart design, the Say Love diamond delivers a sincere pledge that is perfect for proposals and anniversaries alike. For those who find it hard to express themselves, this diamond says it all.


Signature designs from the Say Love engagement ring series.

Today’s lovers care for the world as much as for each other, which is why Love & Co. embraces sustainable diamonds as a vehicle of its promise – one that will last for generations to come. While lab-grown diamonds are aplenty in the market, what differentiates the Say Love diamond is its one-of-a-kind merging of two time-tested shapes – the round brilliant cut and the heart cut – into one, mimicking the coming together of two.

Additionally, only lab-grown diamonds of the highest colour and clarity grades are accepted into the Say Love family. Crafted by seasoned artisans, the Say Love diamond touts the excellent cut grade certified by the International Gemological Institute. Its exceptional quality allows it to shine in an array of ring designs, suiting any style and personality. 

The Love Journey Carita features a stunning solitaire held with signature heart-shaped prongs and a subtle white gold wave on the rose gold band. The Destiny Elise holds the diamond aloft with an infinity symbol setting in rose gold, a subtle nod to the promise of eternal love. The Destiny Esme prefers to showcase the intertwining of two, with dual bands swirling in rose and white gold. For a real show-stopper that dances in the light, the Destiny diamond ring is accentuated with a sprinkling of smaller diamonds on the white gold band.

Love & Co.'s iconic proposal crystal glass box, perfect for the "yes" moment.

Whichever design you select, the Say Love diamond is a fitting envoy of love, a cherished promise of devotion. 

Love & Co. stays true to its belief of celebrating love in the most remarkable of ways and cherishes being a partner to every couple’s proposal journey and beyond. Experience the Say Love diamond at any Love & Co. store.