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The 5 most overrated facilities found in condominiums

The type of facilities can be a hint of your condominium's age.

There are a variety of facilities that can be built in a condominium. And because these facilities are planned and built according to trends, this may explain why squash courts, popular decades ago, are found in many older condominiums. In contrast, many new condominiums have sky terraces and private gardens since going green is the “in thing”. 

With an abundance of condominium facilities, some can be overrated, such as these.


They may look good in buildings like Changi Airport, or as a centerpiece in some CBD office. But in a condominium, they’re reduced to an expensive feature wall.

It’s not a garden you can walk in or interact with. And let’s be frank: Most of us wouldn’t exactly derive entertainment from staring at it. So, while a small vertical garden is fine, huge ones that reach up to the second storey or further are just expensive decorations. Furthermore, the maintenance bill is no joke.


Since the unveiling of Marina Bay Sands' rooftop infinity pool, many condominium developers have jumped onto the bandwagon. 

(Photo: Unsplash)

Sure, these pools add a touch of luxury to the property. But a few months later, you might realise that having a regular pool would actually give you more bang for your buck. It is cheaper to build, easier to maintain and clean, and frankly, just as fun as an infinity pool. 

The people who benefit from an infinity pool are really your friends and relatives who crash your pad to take Instagram photos. And for this reason, infinity pools tend to get crowded with too many people. They are also less fun for kids since there is no water slide.


Due to the limited space, jogging tracks usually range from 300m to 800m – enough for serious joggers to warm up but not quite long enough for their actual run. Most of them would want to jog on the beach or in the neighbourhood park instead for a change of scenery, and don’t often end up on the track.

(Photo: Unsplash)

It is also a place packed with families strolling and invariably getting in the way of joggers. The other thing is, the track's rubbery material is a germ pit and often turns gross. So honestly, the money is better spent on another treadmill machine or two in the gym.


Some developers overestimate our desire to get into a room with naked, sweaty strangers. Also, we know of a few condominiums where the sauna breaks down after a decade or so, and end up being a complete white elephant. 

It is then closed down or used as a storeroom for the facility management team. These rooms are better off converted into more showers for swimmers (the pool is usually nearby).


(Photo: Unsplash)

Years of Hollywood movies have taught us that the joy of the jacuzzi is sipping champagne or eating overpriced Swedish chocolates while lounging in it. But in reality, you can’t eat or drink in the condominium's jacuzzi, so what’s the point? That’s like owning a Ferrari but you can only drive it for ride-shares. The money is better spent on a theater system in the club house.

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