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Fun for fun's sake: Artist seeks to lift gloom with London installation

LONDON: Artist Amy Broch's playful art installation in the heart of London aims to create a "joy bomb" as an antidote to tough times.

In a ground floor window at a pop-up installation opposite the famous Claridge's hotel, the brightly coloured exhibit has caught the attention of locals, passers-by and those who work nearby.

Two people wearing furry animal masks stand in the window amid pink and blue toys and balloons and wave and gesticulate at passers by. Any interaction adheres to social distancing rules as Britain deals with a surge in coronavirus cases.

Broch, 38, who lost her husband to ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) in May, wanted to create "fun for fun's sake" in a time of uncertainty amid the pandemic and personal trauma.

"This is my joy bomb, it's my gift to London after this tumultuous year so far. I have also had a very tumultuous year, I recently became a widow. So corona (virus) was almost the highlight of my year, not the low point," she said.

(Writing by Jonathan Shenfield)

Source: Reuters