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Gordon Liu in dire straits after stroke

Hong Kong veteran action star Gordon Liu appeared frail and skinny, when he met the Hong Kong media to clear the air regarding the many rumours that surround his current condition.

Gordon Liu in dire straits after stroke

Gordon Liu in a promotional photo for Tsui Hark's 2011 martial arts film "Flying Swords of Dragon Gate", one of his last film appearances prior to his stroke.

HONG KONG: Hong Kong veteran action star Gordon Liu, who suffered a stroke in 2011 that paralysed the right side of his body, and was hospitalised since January this year for severe cramps, recently cleared the air regarding the numerous reports about him and his estranged family, reported Hong Kong media.

Although there were rumours that he had died, Liu is very much alive, though his health has deteriorated since his stroke.

The 57-year-old actor appeared frail, skinny and had sunken cheeks when he met with Hong Kong media at the hospital where he is receiving treatment.

He now weighed just 54kg, required constant care and found it difficult to speak, resorting to nodding and shaking his head to answer questions.

However, Liu is in relatively good spirits, and managed to express that he hopes his former guardian, Eva Fung, who has refused to return his savings, which he had earlier entrusted to her, will do so.

Liu also confirmed that he has appointed his actress friend, Amy Fan, as his new guardian, and expressed that he is happy in her care.

Fan told Hong Kong media that she is currently trying to get Liu’s finances in order, pointing out that Liu’s treatment and expenses come up to HK$100,000 (S$16,000) each month.

She expressed that she will take legal action against Fung to retrieve Liu’s money, and would consider mortgaging or selling Liu’s flat, which is worth about HK$8 million (S$1.2 million) to cover Liu’s expenses in the meantime.

Fan went on to reveal that while Liu has been trying his best to recover from his stroke, the stricken action star is prepared for the worst and has drawn up a will.

The actress also explained that Liu has refused to meet with his family because he did not want them to see him in his current state, and not because he hates his family.

One of the most well-known names in the Hong Kong film industry, Liu shot to fame after appearing in the classic martial arts film “The 36th Chamber of Shaolin”, and has gone on to appear in films like “Kill Bill” as well as “Flying Swords of Dragon Gate”.

Source: CNA/ha