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Joanne Peh now dating Qi Yuwu

Singapore actor Qi Yuwu revealed that he is dating Joanne Peh, just weeks after she went public about her breakup with deejay Bobby Tonelli. Is it too much, too soon? Find out what they've got to say.

Joanne Peh now dating Qi Yuwu

Qi Yuwu (left) and Joanne Peh (right) at a media conference for "A Song to Remember". The pair have appeared in numerous shows together and recently revealed that they are an item.

SINGAPORE: Singapore actor Qi Yuwu recently told local entertainment magazine “8 Days” that he is now dating actress Joanne Peh, whom he had worked with on dramas like “A Song to Remember”, “C.L.I.F.” and “C.L.IF.2”.

The 36-year-old actor explained that he had expressed his feelings for her after finding out that she had called it quits with US-born deejay-actor Bobby Tonelli.

“There’s a trust between us. She has always said the things I tell her make her think.

“When you have this kind of communication and connection, what else do you need? We don’t need anything else,” said Qi, who added that he intends to introduce her to his parents when they visit Singapore later this month.

This news comes just weeks after Peh revealed her break up with Tonelli.

However, Peh was quoted as saying that she did not feel it is “too soon” to start a new relationship and that she had “thought it through” before agreeing to go out with Qi.

The 29-year-old actress said she is confident about their new relationship, adding that it is based on “10 years of friendship, respect and admiration” and was a “connection built over the years”.

When asked about his thoughts on Peh’s new beau, Tonelli expressed that the news took him by surprise, but declined to comment further

“I wish them all the best, that’s all I want to say,” said Tonelli.

Source: CNA/ha