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K-pop's sweetheart IU to perform first solo concert in Singapore

K-pop's sweetheart IU to perform first solo concert in Singapore

IU announces stops for her 10th anniversary tour, which include Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Taipei. (Photo: Twitter/_IUofficial)

Ready your lightsticks - K-pop's sweetheart IU is finally performing a solo concert in Singapore, a decade after her debut. 

Not much is known yet about the concert - part of a tour that marks her 10th year in the business - except that it will be held on Dec 15 at the Star Theatre. 

According to her posts on social media, other stops include Bangkok, Hong Kong and Taipei. 

(Photo: Twitter/_IUofficial)

The singer, songwriter and actress broke into the South Korean scene when she was just 15, and has since won fans young and old with her girl-next-door looks and mellow, honeyed sound. 

The 25-year-old's fourth and latest album Palette launched last year to global commercial success, with Billboard describing it as her "best first-week sales in America". 

IU and Lee Joon-ki in a "Scarlet Heart" still shared on IU's Instagram page, @dlwlrma.

IU recently starred in the hit Korean adaptation of Chinese historical drama Scarlet Heart alongside Lee Joon-ki and Kang Ha-neul, and was a guest in the first season of the Netflix show Hyori's Bed and Breakfast. 

Earlier this week, the petite star known for her child-like quirks, treated fans (who call themselves Uaena) to an hour-long ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) YouTube video, which features her chewing tenderly on snacks like marshmallows and strawberry jam on toast, and playing with a platter of dried flowers. 

The video was released as part of her anniversary celebrations and racked up more than 200,000 views in three days. 

Source: CNA/hs