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Meet Karli: Sesame Street's latest muppet is in foster care

The yellow-haired muppet is Elmo's friend and introduces viewers to her "for-now parents"'

Meet Karli: Sesame Street's latest muppet is in foster care

Elmo's new friend, Karli, is in foster care. (Photo: / Sesame Street in Communities)

There’s a new muppet on Sesame Street: Karli, the latest character on the show, is a yellow-haired muppet who’s in foster care.

The character aims to introduce the concept of foster families and the importance of having a sense of belonging, as Karli, who is Elmo’s friend, talks about her “for-now parents”. Karli will feature in new videos, interactive activities and storybooks – available free online.

In one video called You Belong, Karli’s foster mum explains to Elmo that she will keep Karli safe while Karli’s mother is “having a hard time” and until she can take care of Karli again.

When Elmo asks when that will be, Karli’s foster mum replies that they’re not sure, but “Karli belongs here now.”

According to Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit educational organisation behind the popular TV series, this is part of the “Sesame Street in Communities” initiative, which provides free resources for caregivers on topics that may be difficult to broach, such as homelessness and traumatic experiences.

May is National Foster Care Month in the US.





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