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Nanny McPhee former child star Raphael Coleman dies aged 25

The actor-turned-activist was said to have “collapsed without prior health problems”.

Nanny McPhee former child star Raphael Coleman dies aged 25

Raphael Coleman was a child actor in the 2005 film, Nanny McPhee. (Photo: Facebook/Carsten Jensen)

Raphael Coleman, one of the child actors from the 2005 movie Nanny McPhee, has died after collapsing during a trip.

The 25-year-old was best known for playing Eric Brown in the film that starred Emma Thompson in the titular role.

His death was confirmed by his mother in a tweet on Friday (Feb 7).

She wrote: “Rest in peace my beloved son Raphael Coleman, aka Iggy Fox. He died doing what he loved, working for the noblest cause of all. His family could not be prouder. Let’s celebrate all he achieved in his short life and cherish his legacy.”

Her tweet showed a photo of Coleman wielding a camera, as well as a link to an essay he wrote for Extinction Rebellion, a climate change activist group.

His stepfather, Carsten Jensen, said in a Facebook post that Coleman "collapsed without prior health problems" during a trip.

Coleman took on the name James ‘Iggy’ Fox and became widely involved in environmental conservation pursuits after he stopped acting, joining Extinction Rebellion.

His Nanny McPhee co-star Eliza Bennett, shared her grief in a Twitter post.

She wrote: “I was so heartbroken to hear about Raphael (now James Iggy). After we worked on Nanny McPhee, he dedicated his life to protecting wildlife and fighting climate change.”

“I’m honoured to have crossed paths him & my heart is with his family in this dark time,” she added.

Extinction Rebellion UK paid tribute to Coleman on their website with the message: “Iggy Fox, you will be missed and remembered. It has been an honour and a privilege to have known you, even if it was all too brief. You were a true warrior, who tirelessly worked on behalf of others, on behalf of all life. You had the fire of youth and a wisdom that belied your age.”

“The world has lost one of its fiercest and most dedicated defenders,” they continued.

Coleman also appeared in It's Alive and The Fourth Kind in 2009. 

Source: CNA/sr