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Noise GIF Fest 2019 opens at Gillman Barracks with over 150 GIFs and free entry

Opening on Thursday (Mar 28), the final collection of 150 GIFs was curated from a pool of more than 600 entries submitted.

Noise GIF Fest 2019 opens at Gillman Barracks with over 150 GIFs and free entry

Still of a GIF by local pixel artist LVN93. (Photo: Noise GIF Fest/The Unusual Network)

You can't get onto social media without encountering a GIF or two. Short for Graphical Interchange Format, these endless loops of images or soundless video are like bite-sized demands of your attention. The file format beloved by millennials, along with memes, is the default tool of web humour and was even named the 2012 Oxford Dictionary Word Of The Year. 

It even has its own festival. Noise GIF Fest 2019 opens today (Mar 28) and runs till Apr 1. The free exhibition held at Block 7 at Gillman Barracks is part of the National Arts Council's Noise Anchor Programs, and features over 150 GIFs.

Oh, and if you're still fighting over the pronunciation of "GIF", please put a stop to this madness. When Steve Wilhite, inventor of the GIF, accepted a lifetime achievement award at The Webby Awards in 2013, he told The New York Times: “The Oxford English Dictionary accepts both pronunciations. They are wrong. It is a soft ‘G’, pronounced ‘jif.’ End of story”.

The GIFs on display – based on the theme of magic – were curated from a pool of more than 600 entries submitted by students and working professionals in an open call. A 6m-by-3m LED GIF Cinema will screen some of the best submissions.

This is also the chance to see the works of more than 40 young GIF maestros, including British multi-disciplinary artist Vince Fraser, French team Parallel Studio who is known for the viral series Unsatisfying, and US cartoonist Hombre McSteez or Marty Cooper.

They are joined by multi-disciplinary artist Race Krehel, who has been based in Singapore for the past five years, and local audio-visual artist VJ SENJA, among others.

This second edition of GIF Fest is open to the public from 12pm to 10pm daily from Mar 28 to Apr 1, with the exception of Sunday (Mar 31), where the exhibition will be open from 10am to 8pm.


Local artists featured include Syafiq (@syfqkasm), a Singapore Polytechnic student pursuing the Diploma In Visual Communication And Media Design course; Elvin Ong of LVN93 with his pixel recreations of local cityscapes; and Dale Lam, an app designer and advertising executive.

While entry is free, all talks and workshops are ticketed and participants are required to register online. Highlights include a panel discussion on Mar 28 featuring Parallel Studio and McSteez/Cooper, a two-hour audio-visual magic set by VJ SENJA on Mar 29, and kid-friendly activities on a designated Family Day.

GIF Fest also welcomes children from six to 10 years old to create their own GIFs with claymation or plasticine animation in a three-hour workshop on Mar 31. Later that day, kids aged 10 to 12 will be invited to a workshop on drawing games, character design and stop-motion techniques taught by McSteez/Cooper.

The US artist will attempt to create stop-motion animation over scenes in real life, using only an iPhone, markers, correction fluid and transparent sheets.

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Source: CNA/jv