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Poh Heng’s ORO22 22K gold jewellery celebrates the empowered woman of today

With bold geometric shapes and clean lines, the latest collection seeks to showcase the strength and grace of the modern woman. Brought to you by Poh Heng

Poh Heng’s ORO22 22K gold jewellery celebrates the empowered woman of today

Bedazzle with Poh Heng's ORO22 collection of classic jewellery pieces. Photos: Poh Heng

Jewellery has always served as more than just a decorative piece throughout history. It was most obviously used to highlight beauty, but it was also a symbol of prestige and power. Most often wrought in a precious metal, well-crafted jewellery can become timeless investments – turning adornment into heirloom.

So how do modern women wear their jewellery? Their expressions are certainly many. With global cultural pollination, jewellery of all shapes, forms and materials – bronze, wood, lacquer, resin – have come about. But one precious metal has withstood the test of time – gold.

With ORO22, Poh Heng seeks to capture the dynamic power and beauty of the modern woman. Throw her into any environment, and she dances to the rhythm like a seasoned professional. With ORO22’s newest series, another statement-making collection is set to continue this expression.


For the ORO22 collection, Poh Heng has created an exclusive 22K gold hue called Moonlight Glow. Alluding to the flattering light from the lunar body, this champagne shade of gold is meant to match any skin tone.

The versatility of the soft golden shade lends itself well to any wardrobe style, helping to resolve that perennial dressing dilemma when it comes to embellishment.


Durable yet pure, Poh Heng’s ORO22 line is crafted using 22K gold to extend its longevity and value. Along with timeless form and classic designs, the purity allows the jewellery to be enjoyed for many generations.

Each piece from the collection is highly-polished to showcase its natural lustre, and exacting checks are made to ensure a pristine finish. All Poh Heng ORO22 pieces are hallmarked by the Singapore Assay Office to ensure that they meet Singapore’s strict standards of quality and workmanship.


The newest collection from Poh Heng ORO22 epitomises the grace and beauty of women. A sensuous anthology that pulls clean lines around bold geometric shapes, it celebrates the legacy of empowered women with a confident ease, while displaying their firm and nurturing spirit through an ever-expanding ripple.

Every new launch adds to the existing story of ORO22 – one inspired by the modern wonder woman with all her strengths. And each jewellery piece, from elegant earrings to stunning statement necklaces, continues to adorn its owner with a simplicity that holds meaningful depth.

Magnify your girl power with Poh Heng’s ORO22. Discover the full selection of the ORO22 collection at