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Wonder Girl announces "honeymoon baby"

Recently-married Wonder Girl Min Sunye had previously said she is looking forward to having kids. It appears she has gotten her wish.

Wonder Girl announces "honeymoon baby"

Wonder Girls' Min Sunye in a publicity photo.

SEOUL: K-pop girl group Wonder Girls' Min Sunye announced Thursday over Twitter that she is three months pregnant.

“I respect all the mothers in the world who have experienced the mysteries and miracles of life.

"We have been blessed with a honeymoon baby,” Min tweeted.

“I am now into my third month, and I think it’s a suitable time to announce my pregnancy.”

“I hope everyone can help me pray that the baby will grow healthily in my belly.”

The announcement comes just months after Min married Korean-Canadian James Park in a star-studded wedding ceremony in January, and quickly drew a deluge of congratulatory messages from her fans.

It has also sparked rumours that she may be leaving the Wonder Girls due to her pregnancy.

However, the Wonder Girls' management agency JYP Entertainment has since denied these rumours and said that Min is simply going on a break and will remain part of the group.

Source: CNA/ha