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Tim Ho Wan rolls out braised beef noodles, spicy-sauce dumplings and more new dishes

The Michelin-starred dim sum joint has introduced new menu items and tweaked their existing recipes.

Tim Ho Wan rolls out braised beef noodles, spicy-sauce dumplings and more new dishes

Hong Kong Braised beef Soup Noodle. (Photo: Tim Ho Wan)

In conjunction with the opening of their new ninth outlet at Great World City, Tim Ho Wan has fortified and updated its menu across all outlets.

The Michelin-starred dim sum eatery's founding chefs Mak Kwai Pui and Leung Fai Keung are currently in town to celebrate the new outlet's opening and to make sure all the dishes are up to scratch.

Diners now have the option of new menu items that add variety to the existing lineup of dim sum favourites.

These include the Hong Kong Braised Beef Soup Noodle (S$8.80), which consists of thin, springy Hong Kong-style noodles in a rich, dark broth loaded with Chinese spices. The star of the dish is undoubtedly the tender beef and tendon, braised for three hours, that sit atop each bowl – the chefs spent two months sourcing for the perfect tendon.

Spicy Pork Dumplings. (Photo: Tim Ho Wan)

The Pork Dumplings in Hot & Spicy Sauce (S$6) are a welcome addition for spice lovers, with minced pork wrapped in smooth wonton skins and tossed in chilli oil and a spicy sauce made from 18 different herbs and spices. While the sauce is a little on the sweet side, the wontons are full of bite.

Spicy Fried Rice. (Photo: Tim Ho Wan)

The Spicy Fried Rice (S$7.50) is made with the addition of edamame, along with egg and lap cheong or Chinese sausage, for textural interest. The spice level here is happily high enough to give a satisfying kick.

Chrysanthemum Aloe Vera Jelly. (Photo: Tim Ho Wan)

There’s also Chrysanthemum Aloe Vera Jelly (S$4.50), a bowl of wobbly, chilled chrysanthemum jelly topped with aloe vera bits and preserved plum in a sweet, thin syrup.

Other new dishes include Fried Beancurd with Minced Pork & Prawns (S$5.30), Shredded Chicken Spring Roll (S$5.50), Rice with Chicken, Cordyceps Flower & Mushroom (S$6.80) and Deep Fried Milk Custard (S$4.50).

Popular menu items have been through extensive R&D, too. For instance, the star dim sum, Baked BBQ Pork Buns (S$5.80), are now back to being handmade, after a period of being made by machine. And the cheong fun, or rice rolls, are served with a different soy sauce in a recipe that has been tweaked.

Other dishes that have been worked on include the Prawn & Pork Dumplings or siew mai (S$4.80), the Pan-fried Radish Cake (S$5) and the Hong Kong Style Egg Tarts (S$4.50).

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