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Pho sure: Here are the 50 best vegan dishes of 2022 in Singapore

Social media app abillion has released its annual list of best vegan dishes and The Kind Bowl’s signature The Kind Pho is still on top.

Pho sure: Here are the 50 best vegan dishes of 2022 in Singapore

From left: The Kind Pho from The Kind Bowl, Avocado Roll Maki from Herbivore, and BBQ Delight, also from The Kind Bowl. (Photos: abillion)

With vegan dining on the rise in Singapore and more Singaporeans looking to eat healthier and more sustainably, new and existing restaurants alike are joining the plant-based movement.

And many have found their way into digital platform abillion’s annual list of 50 Best Vegan Dishes in Singapore for 2022.

The list was curated based on more than 18,000 reviews from app users. According to the press release, more than 10,000 dishes from over 2,500 individual restaurants were evaluated.

The 50 dishes on the list come from 24 restaurants, with vegan Vietnamese restaurant The Kind Bowl’s signature dish The Kind Pho clinching the top spot for the second year in a row.

Her are the top 10 dishes:

  1. The Kind Pho (The Kind Bowl)
  2. Avocado Roll Maki (Herbivore)
  3. BBQ Delight (The Kind Bowl)
  4. Tofunagi Don (Lucky Cat)
  5. Lavan (Miznon Singapore)
  6. Royal Spicy (The Kind Bowl)
  7. Unagi Maki (Herbivore)
  8. Taste It All (Pita Bakery)
  9. Lion's Mane Truffle (nomVnom)
  10. Abi Avocado (Saute Sushi)

The Kind Bowl has got six dishes on the list with three dishes in the top 10 list including the title winner, The Kind Pho, its signature dish. Those who got four dishes in include Green Common Singapore, Genius Central, Lucky Cat and nomVnom, while Love Handle Burgers and Miznon has three apiece.

Miznon is also a first-timer, along with Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant, Origanics and Violet Oon.

Check out the full list here.

Source: CNA/mm