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Japan's Ichiran ramen coming to Singapore as a pop-up stall in October

The popular chain will be serving only 700 bowls of its ramen each day from Oct 3 to 20 at Takashimaya Square.

Japan's Ichiran ramen coming to Singapore as a pop-up stall in October

The Ichiran ramen pop-up will open from Oct 3 to 20 at Takashimaya Square. (Photo: 8 Days)

From Oct 3 to 20, ramen lovers will get to slurp up a bowl of the tonkotsu-based dish from Ichiran when the famed Japanese brand comes to Singapore.

Ichiran will be setting up a pop-up stall at the Japan Food Matsuri event at Takashimaya Square, which will include the third edition of the annual ramen festival, Ramen Revolution.

Be prepared to brave the queue as only 700 servings will be sold daily; each bowl is priced at S$12.

Ichiran is known for its rich, pork bone-based tonkotsu broth, coupled with thin, springy noodles and a dollop of its original spicy sauce.

The brand started in Fukuoka in the 1960s and along with outlets throughout Japan, it now boasts several others around the world including in Hong Kong, Taiwan and New York.

You won’t be getting an exact replica of the dish served in Japan as the pop-up will be using instant ramen instead of fresh noodles. There’s also no chashu to add to the mix. You will, however, get a sprinkling of wood ear mushrooms and green onions.

There is one part of the authentic Ichiran dining experience that you may get to experience: The solitary seats. According to 8 Days, the pop-up will have a few seats set up that are similar to the signature private seats with side shutters so you can ignore the crowd and concentrate on your hard-earned bowl.

If you can’t get your hands on one of the 700 bowls on offer daily, you can still try for the instant noodles. There are 200 boxes available each day, with each box containing three packets of noodles for S$35.

Source: CNA/sr