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That fried chicken not good enough for you? KFC Singapore has a 1-for-1 exchange promo

The fast food chain is introducing the programme on Wednesday (Feb 24) where you can exchange your unsatisfactory partially eaten chicken and get a replacement for free.

That fried chicken not good enough for you? KFC Singapore has a 1-for-1 exchange promo

Love it or get a replacement – that's KFC Singapore's guarantee. (Photo: KFC Singapore)

Say you’re halfway through eating your fried chicken from KFC and it doesn’t taste as good as you had hoped. What’s a fried chicken lover to do?

Well, starting from Wednesday (Feb 24), you can now head back to the counter and ask for another piece – for free.

The fast food chain has just launched its new 1-for-1 exchange programme – a first of its kind in Asia, it says – where customers who are not satisfied with their Original Recipe or Hot & Crispy chicken can get a replacement. 

The offer is available for dine-in and takeway orders only. Orders made through delivery services are not eligible.

If you’re dining in, simply bring the partially eaten chicken to the counter and fill out a feedback form. You need to indicate how the chicken has fallen short of your expectations based on KFC's four quality pillars: fresh, juicy, tender and good. 

Show the completed form to the staff member and you’ll be given a replacement while the old piece will be thrown away.

The exchange must take place on the same day as the date of purchase and done at the same store. 

It works the same way for takeaway orders, where the exchange has to be done in person at the same store of purchase and on the same day, together with a receipt as proof of purchase.

Of course, if you’ve completely devoured your fried chicken, don’t expect to get a new one.

Source: CNA/sr