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Popular Singapore food chain Ramen King Keisuke to open 15 outlets in the US

The brainchild of Japanese chef Keisuke Takeda, Ramen King Keisuke currently has multiple outlets across Singapore and Japan. 

Popular Singapore food chain Ramen King Keisuke to open 15 outlets in the US

Singapore chain Ramen King Keisuke lands in the United States, beginning with an outlet in Monterey Park, southern California. (Photo: Ramen King website)

Highly raved ramen chain Ramen King Keisuke, which originated in Singapore, is heading to the United States – specifically southern California. 

On Saturday (Sep 24), a Ramen King Keisuke outlet opened in Monterrey Park, with another set to open in Century City Westfield mall in early October.

An additional 13 locations will open throughout the year in various locations, including the following: 

  • Farmers Market, Fairfax
  • Marina Del Rey
  • Studio City
  • Torrance
  • Commerce
  • Anaheim
  • Brea
  • Westminster
  • Mission Viejo
  • Cabazon
  • Del Mar
  • Carlsbad
  • Mission Valley
Ramen King Keisuke said it has plans to expand into other parts of the United States in the near future. (Photo: Ramen King website)

In a press release, Ramen King Keisuke said it spent more than two years "re-engineering the traditional ramen eatery to suit the American market", harnessing new technology to deliver a "labour-lite" operation. 

At the US outlets, customers will be able to enter their own orders at a kiosk and receive their bowl of ramen within five minutes. There will also be a new app for delivery orders. 

Customers will enjoy some of Ramen King Keisuke's signatures at the new outlets, including its popular lobster broth ramen, as well as a new vegan dish made of potato and mushroom that was created exclusively for the market. 

"We saw a gap in the American market to create the first nationwide ramen brand in a category with no dominant leader," said brand CEO Dolores Tay. "We want to serve delicious, authentic Japanese ramen of the best value throughout all of America, introducing it to folks who have never tried it before."

 The company said it has plans to expand in the United States, beyond southern California, in the near future. 

Ramen King has 18 outlets in Singapore, as well as several branches in Japan. 

Source: CNA/hs