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Experience an exclusive Edomae-style omakase worth S$350 at Sushi Ayumu

CNA Lifestyle Experiences invites you and a partner to celebrate the freshest Edo Sushi (traditional Tokyo-style sushi) with head chef Ryoichi Nakatani. It's on us!

Tokyo is the birthplace of sushi as we know it – it’s why serious sushi restaurants in Japan’s capital city call their style “Edomae”, a tradition believed to have started in the early 1800s by Edo sushi chef Hanaya Yohei. 

Newly rebranded Sushi Ayumu – nestled on the fourth floor of upscale Mandarin Gallery – is determined to continue the tradition right here in Singapore by bringing in freshest daily catch right to our very doorstep.

Tokyo-style sushi (Photo: Kelvin Chia)

If you enjoy the authentic taste of Tokyo without the hassle of travelling, we're offering five lucky CNA Lifestyle Facebook followers and their plus-ones an omakase experience worth S$350 (per person) on Feb 22.

Sign-up details for this delicious edition of CNA Lifestyle Experiences are at the end of the story. Invitations are exclusive to CNA Lifestyle Facebook followers, so you'll want to follow us here. Closing date: Feb 17.

The combination of the most pristine seafood, together with knife skills, decades of know-how and sleek Japanese aesthetics, makes having sushi at Sushi Ayumu an almost transcendent experience.

Head Chef Ryoichi Nakatani and the premium fish at Sushi Ayumu (Photo: Kelvin Chia)

"Ayumu" means walking towards a new beginning in Japanese. Which is exactly what head Chef Ryoichi Nakatani and senior Sushi Chef Yusuke Kawana – who each boast more than 20 years of experience working in top Tokyo-style sushi restaurants in Japan – are armed and ready to do entering the restaurant’s new chapter.

Bafun Uni (Photo: Kelvin Chia)

With seasonal delights like grilled Nodoguro in Bincho – a  delicious Blackthroat sea perch known as the “King Of White Fish” prized for its fatty and tender meat; and the creamy and sweet Bafun Uni flown in from Hokkaido, you may never look at raw fish on rice the same way again.

Tokyo-style sushi (Photo: Kelvin Chia) (Photo: Marcus Mark Ramos) Sushi Ayumu's Kamasu Bincho with Uni Salt (Barracuda) (Photo: Kelvin Chia)

The jewel in the sushi crown to look out for is the exquisite Kamasu Bincho with Uni Salt – a lightly seared sweet barracuda that is perfect with just a touch of house-made uni salt.

Sushi Ayumu's Firefly squid (Photo: Kelvin Chia)

Other seasonal items special to the CNA Lifestyle winners include the delicate Firefly Squid and Tsubugai – a sweet and crunchy whelk.

Also on the must-try list is the Wild Kohada (Gizzard Shad) – known as one of the ultimate neta (ingredients) in Edomae sushi. Many sushi aficionados would consider the kohada as one of the ways to judge the skills of a sushi chef, as the kohada is best prepared by a skilled chef.

Sushi Ayumu's Wild Kohada (Gizzard Shard) (Photo: Kelvin Chia)

Sushi Ayumu’s kohada is currently sourced from Kumamoto, Kyushu, and carefully tailored to Singaporean tastes. The Kohada is sliced into very thin stripes, then braided for a completely novel texture, and enhanced with a refreshing touch of yuzu zest.

The Tokyo (Edo) style sushi served at Sushi Ayumu involves the use of marinating techniques that date back to the Edo period, which helped to preserve fish before the days of refrigeration.

Sushi Ayumu's premium sashimi like Hon-maguro (Photo: Kelvin Chia)

The freshest seasonal harvest like hon-maguro and uni – procured from the same supplier as Michelin-starred sushi-yas Sushi Saito and Sushi Sawada no less – is married perfectly with the restaurant’s signature shari (sushi rice) served warm.

The Japanese rice is sourced from the only rice sommelier in Singapore, then specially seasoned with the restaurant’s unique blend of three types of red vinegar, each blend carefully concocted to best enhance the flavours of the different types of fish, for each sushi to shine on its plate.

To cleanse the palate in between dishes, two different types of gari (ginger) are offered, with one of it being younger ginger marinated in-house with the restaurant’s special blend.

Sushi Ayumu's Ayumu Roll (Photo: Kelvin Chia)

Last but certainly not least, the restaurant’s signature Ayumu Roll will be served, as definitive proof that there is no such thing as too much of a good thing. A mouth-watering combination of the best of the best, the collision of Chutoro, Bafun Uni, Buri and Shiso Leaf in an explosion of colours and taste.

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Sushi Ayumu, #04-16 Mandarin Gallery, 333A Orchard Road Singapore 238897,



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