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2PM’s Taecyeon, Chansung recount how fans got into their Singapore hotel room

The K-pop band members revealed they were sleeping when it happened ... in the buff.

2PM’s Taecyeon, Chansung recount how fans got into their Singapore hotel room

K-pop group 2PM. (Photo: Facebook/2pm)

Members of K-pop group 2PM recently recounted an incident where fans broke into their hotel room while they were asleep – and that happened in Singapore, of all places. The two band members in question also revealed that they were sleeping in the nude when it happened. 

Taecyeon and Chansung told the story during the latest episode of Korean variety show Ask Us Anything on Jul 3.

According to Taecyeon, who was also in the K-drama hit Vincenzo, "We were staying in a hotel, Chansung and I shared a room. But the thing is, Chansung and I don't wear any clothing when we sleep."

The 32-year-old, who’s also the group’s main rapper, added: "We were sleeping in our room when I suddenly heard the sound of a hotel card key beeping and the door opening. Then I heard the sound of about five or six female voices giggling quietly.”

“So I was thinking to myself, ‘Did they enter the wrong room by accident? What is this? What’s going on?’ My heart was pounding in my ears.”

When he locked eyes with the intruders, Taecyeon said that he “was so shocked that (he) cursed in English like crazy.” To his surprise, the intruding fans began swearing back at him.

Chansung, who was asleep at the time, added that he was awoken by his roommate’s cursing.

“I woke up asking, 'What is it? What's going on?',” said the 31-year-old. “When I saw people standing in front of me, I yelled. I was in shock.”

Taecyeon explained that the fans had used a key card to get into their room. They told the hotel about it and received some Champagne as an apology.

The K-pop stars didn’t specify which hotel or even what year it happened, but the guys were in town in November 2011 for a concert.

Incidents where fans stalk or invade the privacy of celebrities are not uncommon in K-pop, where obsessive fans are referred to as sasaengs.

The six-member boy band recently made a comeback after a five-year hiatus with the album Must. Their latest release was accompanied by a music video for the track, Make It.

Source: CNA/sr