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Oh, the horror! Singaporean horror films haunting our screens this 2019  

A whopping nine Singaporean horror flicks are being released or produced this year.


Oh, the horror! Singaporean horror films haunting our screens this 2019   

A movie still from Revenge of the Pontianak (Dendam Pontianak) by Glen Goei and Gavin Yap (Photo: Tiger Tiger Pictures)

Singaporeans love scaring themselves silly. While our film industry may not be as sizeable as Hollywood, horror remains a force to be reckoned with. The Maid, Kelvin Tong’s award-winning 2005 supernatural horror broke the box office record in Singapore for the genre, making S$700,000 on its opening weekend and grossing S$2,154,000 in total.

Each culture we embrace into our community brings with it its superstitions and taboos. This year, explore the things that go bump in the night with a bumper crop of supernatural themed films made in Singapore.

When Ghost Meets Zombie – Feb 14

 When Ghost Meets Zombie is about as odd as they come. Premiering on Valentine’s Day, the comedy with a horror premise stars Nathan Hartono as Pong, a man who turns into a zombie after an attempt to save his town from a disaster. He meets Zhen Zhen, a female ghost played by Ferlyn G, who possesses his body to fulfill her pageant dreams.

Ferlyn G, born Ferlyn Wong, is a Singaporean singer from the now-defunct K-pop group SKarf. For singers Hartono and Wong, When Ghost Meets Zombie marks their feature film debut as lead actors.

Directed by Han Yew Kwang, When Ghost Meets Zombie will be the second Singapore-made zombie flick to hit the silver screen within a year, after Zombiepura’s release last October. It stars an ensemble of well-known local artistes including Fann Wong, Gurmit Singh, Andie Chen, Kate Pang, Jack Neo, Suhaimi Yusof, Yvonne Lim, Dennis Chew and more.

Hell Hole – Q1 2019

Directed by Sam Loh, Hell Hole is an anthology film of three ghost stories of loss, love and suffering, experienced across three generations. The film stars Hedwig Tam, Justin Cheung Kin Seng and Belinda Yan.

A mother makes a death pact with a spirit to save her son’s life, but he still meets a gruesome end. Eventually, the spirits of mother and son reunite to take their revenge on those who wronged them.

Revenge Of The Pontianak – Q1 2019

Set in 1965, Revenge Of The Pontianak centres around a small village preparing for the wedding of two characters, Khalid and Siti. Soon after, a great darkness falls upon the village as a string of horrific deaths and supernatural happenings create widespread fear and paranoia amongst the villagers.

The events force a confession from Khalid to the murder of a girl he made pregnant years before, now believed to have returned as a Pontianak. To kill this vengeful vampire, he rallies all the men of the village and sets out into the jungle to hunt her down.

Directed by Glen Goei and Gavin Yap, the film stars Remy Ishak, Nur Fazura, Nadiah M Din,Wan Hanafi Su and more. For Goei, this release comes a decade after his previous production, the 2009 murder mystery The Blue Mansion.

Ibu – Q3 2019

After losing her husband in a car accident, Huda Suhaimi is given sole custody of her step-daughter, eight-year-old Arissa. The girl befriends a pontianak and begins an unlikely relationship with her.

Directed by M Raihan Halim, the film is jointly produced by mm2 Entertainment and Papahan Films with a budget of S$1.5 million. Two versions are set to be released, in Mandarin and Malay.

Circle Line – Late-2019

A movie still from Circle Line (Photo: Circle Line)

Dubbed “Singapore’s first monster flick”, Circle Line sees a group of strangers trapped by a monster in an underground train tunnel system during the final service of the day. A young mother and son work with the rest of the group to survive the night.

Circle Lin is Hollywood-trained director JD Chua’s feature film debut and stars Singaporean actress Jesseca Liu and Taiwanese actor Patrick Lee. Circle Line will be the first VFX and CGI-driven, monster movie in Singapore. Presented by mm2 Entertainment Pte Ltd and Taipan Films Pte Ltd, and supported by the Singapore Film Commission, Circle Line is slated for release in the later half of 2019.

Scared To Death – Production scheduled from Feb 2019 to mid-Mar 2019

Directed by Mark Lee. A timid man finds himself in the afterlife. To win a second chance at life, he must become the scariest ghost ever at the underworld’s Scary Ghost Olympics.

Shadows – Production scheduled from Mar 2019 to mid-Apr 2019

Directed by Glenn Chan. A psychiatrist who possesses the ability to enter the subconscious mind must discover her traumatic past and overcome her inner demons in order to stop a serial killer who has the same ability.

The Fatekeepers – Production scheduled from Apr 2019 to mid-May 201

Directed by Daniel Yam. Five chosen ones holding the secret to Singapore's mysterious Feng Shui formation must unite and fulfil their destiny of defending it with their lives.

Yam, who made his debut with An Unconventional Love Story (2013), has been a longtime collaborator with video platform Viddsee. His short films Ripple (2014), Gift (2014) and Time (2017) are available on the video sharing platform.

Yam codirected the Dick Lee biopic Wonder Boy (2017), starring Benjamin Kheng as the singer-songwriter.

Most recently, Yam released One At A Time (2018) as part of the local short film project 15 Shorts.

Late Night Ride – Production scheduled to begin May 2019 

Directed by Koh Chong Wu. Late Night Ride is an anthological horror feature inspired by the fear when taking night rides. One accident, a series of selfish decisions made in a moment of weakness, ripples into three horror stories.

Source: CNA/gl