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Aaron Kwok dancing to Baby Shark? You know you need to watch this

The 53-year-old star had been invited to do his own version of the routine, and he included moves from his own dance repertoire from past hits such as I Love You Forever.

Aaron Kwok dancing to Baby Shark? You know you need to watch this

Aaron Kwok doing the Baby Shark Challenge. (Photo: Youtube/Pinkfong! Kids' Songs & Stories)

Need to put a smile on your face? This video of Aaron Kwok dancing to Baby Shark is definitely going to help you with that.

The Heavenly King released the video of himself grooving to the catchy earworm – complete with fancy dance moves – on Monday (Sep 9) on Weibo. According to his post, Kwok was invited by Hong Kong shopping mall Harbour City to create a version of the dance. He added that he hoped it would inspire a new generation of dancers.

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Fans noticed that the singer, actor and dancer had incorporated some of the moves from his own repertoire from past hits like I Love You Forever and Sing This Song.

Kwok has certainly had an eventful few days. Just the day before, he was caught in traffic in the Causeway Bay shopping district in Hong Kong due to road closures that stemmed from the ongoing protests.

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Onlookers had noticed the star in his black Lamborghini and rushed over to take photos and to thank him for what they thought was his support for their cause.

The 53-year-old sheepishly clarified that he was just out to buy diapers for his baby. Kwok has two daughters with wife, Moka Fang: Chantelle, who was born in 2016, and a five-month-old baby.

We wonder what they think of Dad's moves? 

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Source: CNA/sr