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Korean actors Ahn Jae-hyun and Goo Hye-sun are in the midst of divorce proceedings

Is it finally the end to a messy and public breakup?

Korean actors Ahn Jae-hyun and Goo Hye-sun are in the midst of divorce proceedings

Ahn Jae-hyun and Goo Hye-sun in happier times. (Photo: Instagram/Goohyesun_84)

Following a rather public breakup, Korean actors Ahn Jae-hyun and Goo Hye-sun are officially ending their marriage.

Korean media reported that Ahn, 32, had submitted his divorce papers to the court on Sep 5. He also apologised to actress Oh Yeon-seo for the accusations made by his wife, in which she implied on social media that he and Oh had been involved in an affair.

Goo, 34, had also posted screenshots of conversations with Ahn in which he asked for a divorce, before deleting them.

On Ahn’s part, he posted to Instagram that Goo had asked for compensation for things like a charity donation and housework she had done, and that she had obtained a key to his apartment and gone through his phone.

Goo retaliated by posting that she had paid for the charity donation, as well as for refurbishments in Ahn’s apartment. She also claimed to have done all the housework. In addition, she shared that on his birthday, she spent hours making him the beef soup he’d wanted, but after taking a spoonful, he went out to celebrate with others. Then she stated, “My husband said that I wasn’t sexy enough… and that he wanted to divorce because I had a nipple that wasn’t sexy.”

In another post, she wrote that Ahn had taken her cat, Anju, and as a result, they could not be divorced.

Ahn's lawyer has made a public statement saying, "There's a limit to proving truth through social media... Currently, there is misinformation due to Goo Hye-sun's claims on social media. I looked at documents received from Ahn Jae-hyun and found that Goo Hye-sun's statements are considerably exaggerated and skewed. As a result, Ahn Jae-Hyun's reputation is severely damaged."

Goo and Ahn met on the set of the 2015 drama Blood and were married in the next year.

Source: CNA/my