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Actress Angelica Lee thinks her sons don’t need to learn to read until they’re 7

Lee and her husband, Hong Kong film director Oxide Pang, use the Waldorf Education method, which encourages kids to draw, paint and learn music.

Actress Angelica Lee thinks her sons don’t need to learn to read until they’re 7

Actress Angelica Lee. (Photo: Instagram/sinjelee1234)

Actress Angelica Lee caused quite a stir recently when she told Taiwanese media that her twin four-year-old boys will only be taught how to read when they’re seven years old.

Given that many parents want their children to be able to read as early as possible, this came as a surprise to netizens, some of whom think the children will face a huge culture shock when they eventually start school.

Lee and her husband, Hong Kong director Oxide Pang, adopt the Waldorf Education method when it comes to teaching their children. The nature-based curriculum prioritises outdoor play and learning. Lee, who is 45, also doesn’t allow her kids to use electronic devices.

She shared her thoughts on parenting during the interview with Apple Daily Taiwan. She said that she doesn’t believe in controlling or disciplining her children. “The role of parents is to guide our children while they grow up, and their happiness is the most important,” she said.

The Waldorf method doesn’t require kids to read before they turn seven. Instead, kids are encouraged to draw, paint and learn music, as well as practical tasks such as cleaning and gardening.

Lee added: "Play time is very important for children. While I was growing up, I was a happy child because I had enough time to play. My home was surrounded by rice fields and my days were spent climbing trees and catching fish. Being surrounded by nature gave me a lot of positive energy”.

Source: CNA/sr