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Aquaman's Jason Momoa tells stepdaughter Catwoman her life's going to change

The actor had some encouraging words for Zoe Kravitz, who will star opposite Robert Pattinson's Batman. He also teased that the sequel to his blockbuster hit is going to be ‘way bigger’.

Aquaman's Jason Momoa tells stepdaughter Catwoman her life's going to change

Jason Momoa had some words of wisdom for stepdaughter, Zoe Kravitz, who will play the new Catwoman. (Photo: AFP / Getty Images North America / Kevin Winter)

Aquaman actor Jason Momoa has teased that the sequel to his blockbuster superhero movie is going to be “way bigger”.

He revealed this to Entertainment Tonight while attending the premiere of his new series, See, which will stream on Apple TV +.

Momoa said of the Aquaman sequel: “There’s a lot more in store on so many more levels. There’s going to be a lot. It’s way bigger!”

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The 40-year-old actor admitted that he had shared his ideas for the movie with director James Wan.

He said: “I’m really stoked at the fan base and what we did with the movie and just went into Warner Bros in DC and said, ‘You know, I have some ideas.’ And, they love them and James (Wan) and everyone is like, ‘We’re all taking it in. We’re excited to do another one.’”

Momoa also shared that he had some encouraging words for his stepdaughter, Zoe Kravitz, when she was recently named the new Catwoman.

“That’s actually the first thing I said to her – ‘Your life’s going to change’. I’ve been hiding for a good solid 18 years and all of a sudden, Aquaman happened and boom! So, that’s the one thing I don’t even know if I’m prepared for – she’s going to be huge. She’s beautiful, she’s talented. She’s going to kill it and (I’ll be like), ‘Well, welcome to the team, baby!’”

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Momoa’s new Apple TV + series is set in a future where a virus has killed off most of the world and the only humans who have survived can no longer see. He plays a character who fathers twins with the ability to see.

He said of his new project: “It’s super cool. And, it’s on Apple and it’s, like, big!”

Source: CNA/sr