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He's back: Arnold Schwarzenegger returns in new Terminator movie

In Terminator: Dark Fate, Linda Hamilton reprises her role as Sarah Connor, while original director James Cameron produces.

He's back: Arnold Schwarzenegger returns in new Terminator movie

(Photo: Instagram/schwarzenegger)

He said he would be back, and here he is. Two original stars have returned for the sixth instalment of the Terminator franchise.

The Terminator: Dark Fate trailer just dropped and we got to see Linda Hamilton reprise her role as Sarah Connor, while Arnold Schwarzenegger returns as T-800. James Cameron, the original director for the first two films, took on producer duties for this film.

Hamilton’s return was celebrated by actress Lena Headey (Game Of Thrones), who played the role of Sarah Connor in the TV series, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

The action- and explosions-packed trailer featured new characters including a terminator and human hybrid, Grace, played by Mackenzie Davis (Halt And Catch Fire), and the new baddie Terminator, played by Gabriel Luna (Agents Of SHIELD).

The new film is due in November and is the direct sequel to the first two movies: 1986’s The Terminator and 1991’s Terminator 2: Judgment Day. The story picks up the day after the events of Terminator 2, which means the rest of the movies take place in an alternate timeline. The movie’s teaser poster reads: “Welcome to the Day after Judgment Day.”

Dark Fate is directed by Deadpool’s Tim Miller and is set to be the first of a new trilogy, although that might depend on how successful this first film is.




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