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Watch: Marvel releases Avengers 4 trailer – and Hawkeye’s back with a new look

The clip also hints at a bigger role for Ant-Man.

Marvel Entertainment finally released the first trailer for Avengers 4, which is now officially titled Avengers: Endgame, and it’s looking pretty bleak for the decimated superhero team.

Luckily, there’s Hawkeye and Ant-Man.

The trailer, which came out on Friday (Dec 7), reveals what’s left after Thanos’ disastrous finger-snap that wiped out 50 per cent of all living things at the climax of Avengers: Infinity War – a disheartened Iron Man floating in space; Captain America and Black Widow grimly discussing their next plan; a sad Thor, a sad Nebula, a sad Bruce Banner…

There was no hint of Captain Marvel, who is expected to figure in the film when it comes out next year, after her own movie. But fans of underdog hero Clint Barton will be pleased to see he’s back after missing all the fun in the previous Avengers. And he's looking cool as a darker Ronin.

The trailer also seemed to hint at an, ahem, bigger role for Ant-Man who appears right at the end of the clip – and there has been talk that the quantum realm (where Ant-Man was stuck in during the events of Infinity War) will figure greatly in plans to defeat Thanos (alongside time travel).

Avengers Assemble! Whoever’s left, at least.

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Source: CNA/mm