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Ayden Sng renews contract with Mediacorp: Rumours he's quitting acting untrue

The actor said that he will try his "very best to find a way to stay (in this industry) no matter how challenging it is" to him.

Singapore actor Ayden Sng confirmed on Wednesday (Jun 2) that he has renewed his contract with Mediacorp. This comes despite rumours that he may be quitting the industry.

He told entertainment portal 8 DAYS: “I can only say that I give my word to those who support me that I will try my very best to find a way to stay (in this industry) no matter how challenging it is to me.”

Rumours swirled after the Star Awards in April that the 27-year-old was going to quit acting because he wasn’t nominated in any category.

That likely stemmed from an interview he did with a Chinese daily paper where he spoke about not being nominated and the article’s sensational headline made it sound like he was going to leave the industry because of the snub.

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Ayden revealed to 8 DAYS that he was “actually quite upset” about that article because it was “factually untrue”. He added that he had told the journalist from the Chinese daily that although he had reservations about the entertainment industry, it had nothing to do with not being nominated.

He went on to explain that the “tension” he was feeling from the industry had more to do with his personality and how "it takes a longer time for me to acclimatise and get used to what is expected of me and it was wearing down on me a bit".

He also revealed that he got hate mail after the article was translated and reported in an English-language publication.  

Ayden didn’t reveal the duration of his new contract with Mediacorp but he did say that his “drama addiction” is keeping him going.

He said, “I got to take on a lot of challenging scenes in the second half of (Recipe Of Life), and the more I did it, the more enraptured I was by acting.”

He has two other Mediacorp shows in the pipeline after Phase Two (Heightened Alert) ends, namely, a 10-episode mental health project where he plays a school counsellor, and a 9pm drama with Felicia Chin and Shaun Chen where he’ll have a major supporting role.

Ayden also revealed to 8 DAYS that he’s looking to expand his repertoire.

"I want to reach a point where I can open my eyes to different scales of production and see how far acting can go. For example, there's method acting, which is not a common thing in Singapore, because the roles here don't really require it, but there are Hollywood and Chinese productions that do."

He added: "I don't know if I'll get there, but it's something to look forward to and it reminds me not to settle for what I think is good acting."

Source: CNA/sr